Thursday, September 3, 2020

August 2020 Favorites

I know I said this on Tuesday, but it is hard to believe it’s already September. August felt like a long month to me, so I’m glad to turn the calendar page, but in many ways, 2020 has flown by while also feeling incredibly long at the same time. This month will mark my 6th month of working from home (aside from going in on shoot days), and that’s hard to believe. I just had to scroll back through all of my August blog posts and Instagram posts in an attempt to jog my memory about what I have been up to and the products I’ve been loving to compile for y’all in this post. Since most of August was spent on the go and by the water, my favorites selection seems to reflect that. I’ve included links to the items mentioned in case you’re interested in giving them a try and put a shoppable image at the bottom of this post as well!



Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress (Pictured above, I wear a size small)

At this point, I’ve probably overstated how hot Alabama summers can be, but it’s the truth. For that reason, if I’m outside, you can find me in breathable workout clothes. While workout tanks and tennis skirts are still on repeat, I’ve been loving wearing my Outdoor Voices exercise dress the past month on walks and to run errands. I have the turquoise color and would love to get a darker color to wear this fall!

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

A couple of months ago, my hair was feeling a bit stiff, and I asked my hairdresser why that may be the case when I got my first post-quarantine haircut. After asking me a lot of questions, she figured it was likely due to the fact that I was using my beloved Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner every time I washed my hair. Y’all know how much I love that shampoo and conditioner, but apparently, it can over strengthen your hair, making it feel stiff. She told me to start primarily using a different shampoo and conditioner while still mixing it up by using Olaplex on occasion. Since I had a travel size set of the OGX Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, that’s what I tried and promptly ordered a full-size set. Not only does this set smell fantastic, but it’s also affordable and can be found at the drugstore. Since using this, my hair has gone back to its usual self but a softer version! 

Truffle Clarity Pouches (pictured above)

I purchased these pouches last year (I think) and have used them on pretty much every trip since. I have two of the large size, a small-sized one, a clear case, and then a smaller leather one, all of which serve different purposes for me when traveling. I love using my medium and large navy trimmed pouches for toiletries and makeup since it makes it easy to see what I’m reaching for when getting ready on a trip. When placing these in other bags, they are thin and slide in almost like a file folder would. For that reason, I love packing any cords and chargers that I may need to bring along with me in my white trimmed large clear pouch because of how easily I an then slip that into my tote bag. 

Sunbum Sunscreen

Since I spent every weekend in August traveling with all but one of those weekends spent by the water, a new bottle of sunscreen was a necessity. I had used Sunbum before and liked it, so I decided to order a bottle of their lotion. I am happy to report that I didn’t end up sunburned once! Since summer is wrapping up, I’m sure most people aren’t looking for sunscreen recommendations right now, but since you should be wearing it daily, I’d recommend this product since it doesn’t feel sticky like many sunscreens I’ve tried, and it has a pleasant scent. 

Day Designer Blog Planner

I feel silly sharing a planner with y’all since my actual planner hasn’t gotten much use since March since anything I’m scheduling in advance seems a bit risky at the moment. But since my blog isn’t going anywhere and I was in need of a new blog planner this summer, an affordable one from Target seemed like the best option! I like mapping out what posts I want to share in a given month while also having a weekly overview where I can write down to-do lists to keep everything on track. 

J.Crew Coverup (pictured above)

I found this dress on major sale last month, and after eyeing it most of the summer, I decided to purchase it. I am so glad I did since it’s the perfect weight for a coverup and it comes as no surprise that I love the blue and white on it. It’s currently 60% off on J.Crew’s site, although it seems like most sizes have limited stock.  

OPI Funny Bunny

I am typically strictly an Essie girl when it comes to nail polish, but after asking two friends what color they had on their nails and both responding with this color, I made an exception. While it appears very white in the bottle, on the nails, it doesn’t look like white-out, which is something I try to avoid when using white nail polish. Each time I painted my nails with this polish, it held up really well, so maybe I’ll slowly start adding a few more OPI colors to my collection in the future.

Let me know if you found anything great this past month. I’d love to give your recommendations a try! 

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