Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September 2020 Favorites

I know I say this most months, but I really don’t know how it’s already almost October. As far as how quickly the months have gone by lately, September takes that cake for being the fastest. I’m ok with that because I feel like September is the fall(ish) equivalent of March. I don’t dislike either of those months, but I just don’t really look forward to them either. I do love October though, so I’m excited it’s nearly here, especially given that I have a friend’s wedding to celebrate mid-month. But before it officially arrives, I wanted to make sure to share some of my favorite products from the past month with y’all since there were a few new discoveries to note! 

Weezie Short Sleeve Robe

This may be my favorite purchase of 2020, and after having it on my wishlist since the short-sleeve version was released, I am so glad to finally have one but am so confused as to why it took me so long to finally purchase it. I received an email at some point in April from Weezie saying that the pink piping they had recently ordered wasn’t “their” pink, meaning they were selling the wrong color for 40% off. Well, pink is pink to me, and I certainly couldn’t tell the difference, so at 40% off, that was the motivation I needed to make the purchase. Since I wear a robe after I shower and a lot of times when getting ready in the morning the short sleeves and lack of collar make it that much easier to not get hot and also not make a mess of my robe while getting ready. Another feature I love about this robe, in particular, is that the tie is sewn onto the back, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the ties through little loops just to secure it at your waist! It’s especially good timing for me to share this favorite with y’all since tomorrow starts Weezie’s once a year 20% off sale. I have some of their washcloths and have wanted to get some towels as well and have heard this sale is the best time to stock up. Or if you’re not in the market, go ahead and start your Christmas shopping tomorrow at a discounted price! 

Cerave's Renewing SA Cleanser

Nell was recently on a dermatology rotation for PA school, so I decided to use that to the best of my advantage by asking her to get all the recommendations she could when it came to various skincare products. I was almost out of my facewash, so I was excited when she told me that the dermatologist she was working with nearly always recommended Cerave’s Renewing SA Cleanser to patients looking to get breakouts under control. I ordered it the following week and have been using it since the beginning of September and really like it. While it’s not going to solve any skin problem I have and I’m aware of that, it’s affordable, gentle, and seems to be working for me so far! I also really like that it has a pump, which makes it easy to leave it sitting on my hanging shower organizer to use instead of having to pick it up and flip it over like some other facewashes! 

Fabletics Leggings

In warmer months, the only time you’ll find me in leggings is when I’m heading to a true40 class. I’ve come to find that I have relatively picky criteria for leggings since I really don’t want them to show any sweat, but that limits me from some of the more fun colors and patterns out there. When I spotted these tricolor pairs from Fabletics, I hoped that they would be my solution and am excited to admit that they are. Since the top has a darker color, I don’t have to worry about sweat so much (especially with the navy pair), which is great! I also love how thick they are without making me hot. While they have already been staples for working out lately, I know they will be getting a lot of wear in the fall and winter on walks and when lounging around. 

Bathing Suit Top (also available here)

I’m laughing at the fact that I’m jumping from leggings to a bathing suit top, but I never claimed for these posts to make a ton of sense, and with Labor Day Weekend kicking off September, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. Toward the end of the summer, after many weekends at the beach and lake, I was getting kind of bored with the swimsuits I owned, and that’ w when I discovered this cute top from Carolina K. The price tag was WAY more than I wanted to spend but a simple google search and a coupon code I also found online made it under $40 and worth the purchase to me. I don’t have any pictures of it on, but the fit is really cute, and it provides full coverage, which I appreciate! 

Elisabeth and Butter’s Fall Granola

I feel like making a recipe twice in the span of a month constitutes it to become a favorite for the month. I’ve made Elisabeth and Butter’s Fall Granola recipe back to back weeks and love having it as a snack in my pantry. The first time I made it, I gave some to a few friends that were studying as a study treat, but this go-round, I kept it all for myself to eat as cereal and a snack. It’s so easy to make and causes your house to smell like fall while it’s baking! 

I tried my hardest to come up with other things I’ve been loving this month, but these take the cake, so I will leave it at that instead of forcing myself to have “loved” something else. I’d love to know what you’d classify as one of your favorites from the past month! 

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