Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Step Into My Week 9.8

I hope that y’all had a great Labor Day weekend! I always find it nice to start the work week on a Tuesday. I’m hoping this week goes by relatively quickly since my mom is coming to Birmingham to visit me this weekend, and I’m excited for her to get here. I didn’t do the best job of taking photos this past week (I’ll blame the fact that my phone is almost out of storage and I really need to transfer pictures to my computer for that issue), but hopefully, you’ll get the gist from the ones I did take.

Monday started with a True40 class and a quick shower before heading into the office for a couple of meetings. Once we finished those up, I packaged returns and got my desk space organized before coming home. That night my roommate and I ate dinner and watched TV on the couch before going to sleep.

I got up early on Tuesday to do some work before the True40 class I was signed up for. I worked from home the rest of the day and joined a few friends at Taco Mama that night for dinner. I went to bed early that night and can’t really remember what else I was up to that day, oops.

On Wednesday, I had a shoot for one of our food title’s January/February issues, so I went in early to pull props for that. The shoot went well, and we finished a little after lunchtime. I came home and worked from the couch until deciding to go on an evening walk with Nell. 

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Since Wednesday was my only shoot day of the week, it felt like the week was all downhill from there. Thursday morning, I got up early and worked before going to a True40 class. After that, I finally took my car to get it washed, which was long overdue but feels good to have done now! I had more work to get done the rest of the afternoon and eventually made and decorated cookies to take to the lake over the weekend. Nell came over to hang out, and we ended up playing the Wii for a little while before grabbing dinner together. I came home, put away laundry, and packed for the weekend before going to sleep.

I woke up especially early on Friday so that I could shower, work, and drop off a centerpiece I did for work at someone’s house before leaving for the lake with a friend. We got there a little after lunch, and some of his family was already there. We quickly unloaded the car, changed, and headed to hang out on the dock for a while before eating a late lunch. The boys went to play golf in the afternoon, so the girls spent more of the afternoon in the water until they got back later on. We ate dinner on the porch and played Monopoly Deal for a while before sitting on the dock for a while before bed. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent pretty much the same way, starting with breakfast on the porch and spending most of the day on the dock and in the water. We rode the Sea-Doo for a bit on Saturday but otherwise pretty much stayed put. Both nights we ate dinner on the porch and played Mexican Train before ending the nights on the dock. 


We drove back in the morning on Monday, and I was able to get a lot of chores done for the week. I went for a run, fixed the lights on my deck, grocery shopped, and caught up on the phone with my mom before my friend came over for dinner. We made this salmon recipe, which was delicious. If you don’t like a little heat in your food, though, you’ll probably want to reduce the amount of sriracha in the glaze. We made it with roasted broccoli and Brussels sprouts and couscous. And please ignore the lack of styling from the photo of it. I promise I do a better job of photo styling for work than that makes it appear :) 

I was planning out my content calendar for the month and am looking forward to sharing lots of fun posts with y’all in the coming weeks, but if you ever have any requests, you’re welcome to leave them in the comments for me! 

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