Friday, September 18, 2020

My Favorite True Crime Podcasts

 I’ve definitely shared about my obsession with listening to true crime podcasts on the blog and my Instagram before, but lately, when working from home, I feel like I’ve taken it to a whole other level. Since when I am working from home, I don’t have coworkers to interact with, and the only people I tend to be talking to are over email, I like to have some background noise, so I don’t feel so alone. Most people would resort to a good playlist (which I rely on as well), but more often than not, I have some sort of true-crime podcast playing in the background. 


If I’m listening to something at work through my AirPods, it’s usually one of the podcasts below. I am pretty much caught up with all of these, so if you have additional recommendations about similar podcasts you think I would like I would love to hear your suggestions! 

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