Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Affordable Fall Headbands

 As excited as I am for fall, I am trying to remind myself to wear some of my favorite summer pieces one last time before it’s too late. While that doesn’t seem nearly as exciting as reaching for my favorite fall pieces, it’s more practical given the weather and also will hopefully help me not tire so quickly of all the sweaters I am bound to be living in during the coming months. 

One item that I am glad will be transitioning from summer to fall with me is headbands. At first, I wasn’t so sure what to think of the trend since it took me back to my middle school days when headbands were one of the few ways we could accessorize our uniforms. Fortunately, it seems as though we have all moved past the large ones that seem to take up half of your head and into a cuter version that adds a subtle statement. 

I have a feeling that when I do get tired of reaching for the same tops over and over again, a headband will be a fun way to change things up. To be prepared for that moment, I browsed online to find some cute new ones to add to my collection and was floored at how many were out there that I loved. I had a Madewell gift card that had gone unused for a while, which helped me narrow my decision to this one and this one for the sake of them feeling “free.” Next on my list would be this one or one of the cute ones from this site. In case you’re in the same boat and want to stock up on some headbands that better fit the season ahead, I’ve included some of my favorites in the shoppable image below. All you have to do if you find one you like is click directly on it in the image below to be taken to where it can be purchased!

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