Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Step Into My Week 9.1

Is anyone else shocked it’s already September? I felt like I never really slowed down in August, which in some ways made it seem like it should’ve gone by quickly, but in reality, it made the weeks feel slow since I kept looking forward to weekend adventures. September is looking like it will start out on a similar note with some weekend travel penciled in, but I’m hoping to spend a little more time in Birmingham in the coming month. As for the past week, though, I only had one shoot, which allowed me some time to get ahead on other facets of work!

My Monday didn’t start on the best foot since I somehow overslept for the true40 class I had signed up for. My phone alarms didn’t go off until I reached for my phone when I woke up on my own at 6:30. Since the class was scheduled for 6:45, I knew there was no way I could get there in time and instead forced myself into having a productive morning before heading into the office. I packed up some props for the shoot I had planned for the following day and arranged the flowers so that that was also done. That night I went over to a friend’s house, and we went for a walk before making dinner and hanging out.

Tuesday was supposed to be the day of my shoot, but it was pouring rain when I woke up and didn’t look to be clearing anytime soon, which forced us to reschedule since we were supposed to be outside. I went into the office briefly in the morning to make sure our team knew the plan and grab my computer charger so that I could spend the remainder of the day working from home. I had a zoom meeting that night for my role as a member of the chapter advisory board for Birmingham Southern’s KD chapter, and once that wrapped up, I made dinner and went to bed early.

Thankfully on Wednesday, it was overcast and not rainy, which meant that my shoot was a go. While the images won’t be published until next summer, I couldn’t help but wish I could rewind and use them for this past year’s Fourth of July festivities. We wrapped the shoot around 3:00, and I was so relieved to make it home and shower after being in the heat and humidity all day. I met a few of my friends to eat dinner outside at Saws and went to bible study after that. 


I woke up for my alarm on Thursday morning, which meant that I was finally able to make it to a true40 class for the week. After that, I came home and showered and spent the day working from home. As soon as one shoot is over, it never fails that there is another one to start planning. In the late afternoon, I went to Nell’s apartment to hang out and then went to the store to grab food to make at a friend’s house for dinner that night. We went to Big Spoon for ice cream and watched The 100 before I left.

On Friday, I woke up especially early so that I could shower, work, and pack before leaving for Lake Martin before lunch. My friend and I were headed there to help his family move into their recently completed lake house. It ended up raining most of the afternoon while we laid out rugs, made beds, and tried to unpack what had already been moved into the house. It cleared up in time for dinner when we went to a nearby golf club to eat dinner on their patio. Once we got back, we all retreated to the screened porch for a drink and to hang out. We went out on the dock for a bit after that and called it a day by 11:00.

On Saturday, we woke up and sat on the screened porch for a while before eating breakfast and getting ready to move stuff out of some storage units. On our way back from that, we noticed that a bunch of donkeys at a property nearby were by the fence, so I got out and petted them before we made it back to the house to unpack everything and have lunch. Since the sun came back out, we changed and went for a boat ride and beat the rain back to the house. We continued to unpack things before eating dinner on the porch and talking that night.

Sunday morning, we sat on the dock for a bit before breakfast and another boat ride. Once we were back, we packed up and made the hour and a half drive back to Birmingham. I unpacked and took it easy in the afternoon before talking on the phone with my parents, running to the store, and doing a bit of meal prepping. Later on, my friend and I met my friend Hallie to play a game of pickup soccer. It had been a long time since I had last laced up my soccer cleats, and on the flip side, it didn’t take long for me to figure out I was no longer in my high school shape. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun, even though I’m currently very sore. 

I hope that y’all had a nice weekend and hopefully have something fun planned for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. 

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