Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Step Into My Week 9.15

 This may just be the most boring Step Into My Week post you read yet. And if that didn’t scare you away, then thanks for sticking around! Last week was a doozy for a variety of reasons, so I’m not going to be as detailed as usual partially because I can’t remember what happened which day and also failed on the picture taking front. Hopefully, next week it will be back to regularly scheduled programming for that Step Into My Week post, but we will have to wait and see on that. 

In short, it felt like each day there was a new curveball to tackle, so I was especially relieved when Friday rolled around, and my mom was on her way to Birmingham to visit me. She and my dad have been in Fairhope for most of the pandemic, and I think she was slowly going stir crazy, so staying with me in Birmingham was the perfect solution. I did a lot of cleaning before she arrived since although our house stays pretty clean, it feels like moms have a different standard of that. 

We went to lunch once she got into town and did some shopping at some cute home stores and garden shops. Once we had popped into those stores, we returned to my house and watched an episode of The Home Edit’s new organization show before deciding where to go to dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Cahaba Heights called El Zun Zun and ended our night watching Midnight in Paris at my house. 

The main reason this weekend was when my mom came to visit was that Scott’s Antiques was open this weekend in Atlanta. My mom had been a couple of times before, but this was my first trip to this huge antique sale (all the stuff spans two different warehouses). I think it would have been more fun had I been hunting for more things, but since all I really needed was a chest for under my TV in the living room, I ended up getting nothing. I definitely want to go back one day when decorating a home because they had the best selection of rugs, art, and pretty pillows! My mom got a plate to match a new pattern of china she is collecting, so for making a day trip, we really didn’t come away with much. We got back to Birmingham around 3:30 and watched more of The Home Edit’s show before picking up a friend and heading to Vino for dinner. 

Since a hurricane is heading toward the Gulf Coast, my mom got up and left relatively early on Sunday morning. I took it easy and worked on some blog stuff in the morning before running a few errands and eating leftovers for lunch. In the afternoon, a friend and I went to Monday Night Brewing for a change of scenery to watch football and ended up stopping to get ice cream after leaving. We watched more football and made dinner that night, which wrapped up the weekend. 

I hope your past week was more normal than mine, and I’m wishing us all a week of routine as this one plays out! 

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