Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tips For Creating An Inspiring Bulletin Board

One of my favorite pieces I own for my bedroom is my scalloped pin board from PB Teen. Although it’s an investment, I feel like it is a timeless piece that can be updated time and time again to create a new look. 

It’s a bear to get hung and definitely takes two people. My brother unknowingly volunteered to help get this hung when he came to visit a week after I moved in. I was a dummy and threw away the template that it came with to help with hanging after hanging it in my last apartment, but he measured everything out and on the second try got it right. For those of you love the look of this but not wanting to have to pay quite as much for the PB Teen version, I found a less expensive option here. It’s not identical, but it is the closest I’ve been able to find. 

Since I took everything off of it to move it to Birmingham, I started over completely when it came to hanging things up. This gave me a great excuse to print new photos to give it a more updated look. I always got questions from y’all when I showed this in the past about how I chose to fill it and thought I’d share my best tips here. 

Think about what you want out of your pinboard. 
I know this sounds like you’re overthinking something as simple as a bulletin board but hear me out. If you’re using this above a desk you’re studying at often maybe you will want to hang things that are school and subject specific. While I know that might not be the most fun place to display things, it’s practical. If you’re like me and using this instead as a place to feel inspired and hold memories and notes, then you’ll probably be gravitating toward different items than your school schedule or geometry equations. That’s not to say that your pin board can’t have a healthy dose of both but keeping this in mind before you start pinning things can be helpful. 

Don’t feel like you have to fill it all at once. 
            When I decorated mine the first time, it was a slow process. I wanted to make sure that it didn’t look too crowded and that I was hanging things that I really liked. It didn’t bother me that it wasn’t filled at once but if that is something that may bother you then maybe don’t take this tip. This time, I saved what I really liked from the first time and printed more recent photos to hang and did fill it all at once only because I had things I liked.

Gather what materials you have first. This helps spatially. 
            I am a very visual person so having things spread out in front of me helps when doing things like this. I also made sure that I had plenty of thumbtacks and push pins to hang things up with so that I didn’t get in the rhythm and then have to pause. I also sorted the items I wanted to hang into piles so that it would be easier to figure out what all I had to hang. I made a pile of pins, stickers, letters from friends, horizontal photos, and vertical photos. 

Start with the larger items and things that go together first. 

I like to spread out the items I use so that things look more balanced. By putting the larger pieces I have on different sides of the board as well as hanging any items that go together first, I'm able to better use all the room on my board by arranging items around those things. Personally, the canvas painting of Scout I have, an ice cream print, and bucket lists that come with Tuckernuck orders are my starting point. By spreading those items out at the beginning, the rest was a breeze! 

Add in different textures and orientations.
            Going off of that last tip, having things in piles will help you to better mix up what you’re using in each area. I also like using things other than just pictures and notes such as illustrated prints, pennants, canvases, and pins. I think that this was the best way to make it more interesting to look out while serving as a great place to put those things when you may otherwise put them in a drawer out of site. 

Hang what makes you happy.
            Based on my last tips this probably comes as no surprise but hang what makes you happy. This time when filling the board I decided to use a little bit less white space between the objects being hung so that I could fit all of the photos and notes that I wanted to. I had lots of photos of friends that I wanted to go up there as a reminder of fun memories as well as different event items and even a custom tattoo with my big’s face on it from her birthday at the beginning of August. All of these things brought back good memories and are fun to look at when I am sitting at my desk or looking across my room at my bulletin board. 

I’d love to hear of any other ideas y’all may have when it comes to what to put on a bulletin board that inspires you! I’m very pleased with the way mine came together and love how it was so easy to update after moving.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the way it came out and just purchased this pinboard from PBteen :)


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