Friday, August 28, 2020

Try-On And Review Of My Nordstrom Sale Purchases

Are y’all sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? If you are, feel free to skip right past this post (I understand), but since I said I’d share my honest review and try on of what I purchased, I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging. My pieces were a little slow to come in, which is why this is just now going live, but in addition to a blog post, I’m sharing try on videos on my Instagram stories as well (@prepinyourstep).

I mentioned in the videos that when I make purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s because I genuinely like the item and plan/hope to keep it. As with any online clothing purchase, sometimes things don’t look quite as good in person or fit as well as you’d think they might, and returns are inevitable. I have seen a lot of people disappointed by bloggers buying and returning countless items from the sale to make more commission. I hope y’all know that that is not my intention. While I do earn commission though clicks (thanks, as always, for supporting this hobby turned “side hustle”), by sharing my honest reviews of the items, I would like to think that I am helping guide you with your own shopping and understanding of the sizing.

If you are choosing to shop the sale and are looking for a bit more inspiration when it comes to items worth purchasing or how to style the pieces, I’ll leave links to all my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale content below for you. The sale ends on Sunday, so it’s not too late to stock up for the season ahead! And before I get into the reviews, I wanted to share my best purchases of this year, which happen to be underwear (obviously not going to be sharing a try on of that). I grabbed two styles from this brand and think I may go back for more. I was very wary that it was sized as one size fits all, but it worked for me, and now I don’t want to wear anything else! 

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

Pieces I Own and Love from the Sale

Sunday Styling featuring Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pieces

NSale Picks for Guys

Public Access + What I Purchased

Nordstrom Sale Outfit Ideas

Outfit 1:

Ordered in a size small
Sale Price: $49.90 // After Sale: $89.00

I love the girly-ness of this blouse and the two patterns working together on the sleeves and body of it. This is one of those pieces that works really well to transition from summer to fall, and it comes in a couple of different patterns. I am on the fence about whether or not I'm going to keep this since I can't decide if the pink washes me out. Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Ordered in a size 26
Sale Price: $28.90

These jeans are the very first things I took the tags off of from my order. I love using the Anniversary Sale to try out new-to-me denim lines and was really impressed with this pair in particular. I'd say they run true to size but have a nice stretch. The raw hem makes them perfect for more casual outfits, but they also tuck in really nicely to boots and booties.

Ordered in Clear – Silver
Sale Price: $15.90 // After Sale: $29.00

I bought into the hype of other bloggers and decided to give this necklace a try for a simple everyday piece. I don't have many necklaces I wear that often, but I haven't taken this one off since putting it on. I knew it wouldn't look blatantly fake since I have a pair of studs from the Anniversary Sale in years past, but I was shocked by how many people have complimented it since I started wearing it. 

Ordered in a size 8.5
Sale Price: $99.90 // After Sale: $189.95

Do I need another pair of tan booties? No! Am I going to keep these? Absolutely. These are the best booties I've ever purchased from the sale, and I love how elongating the pointed toe is. The block heel makes them really comfortable and the color is versatile. 

Outfit 2:

Ordered in a size medium
Sale Price: $12.90 // After Sale: $25.00

You can't go wrong with a basic t-shirt, and I love grabbing a few when they are available during the sale. I'd say this style in particular runs a little small, but I'm known to like my clothing looser.

Ordered in a size medium
Sale Price: $68.90

I don't think this is still in stock, but it's as soft as everyone says. I like the circle style of the cardigan since it looks modern and not frumpy and would be perfect to wear in a chilly office or while working from home! 

Outfit 3:


Ordered in size XXS-XS
Sale Price: $87.90 // After Sale: $149.00

I wish that they had had this in my size since the concept is cute but it's much too small on me. The cashmere is really soft but not overly heavy, and the contrast of the greys on the split side is very unique and cute.

Outfit 4:

Ordered in size medium
Sale Price: $31.90 // After Sale: $49.00

If you order one sweater, make it this one! I love the mock-neck style and that the sleeves are tight enough that it will be easy to wear under vests and jackets as it gets colder. It's a swingy style which is flattering and the length hits just right! 

Sale Price: $98.90 // After Sale: $149.00

This is a bit of a splurge, but after purchasing it last year and having a year to wear it I'll argue it is worth it! I love the way it dresses up a simple sweater and the material is so soft.

Outfit 5:

Ordered in size small
Sale: $28.90 // After Sale: $59.00

This was a miss for me. I wanted to try a more unique sweater silhouette (since I can't seem to stray from the color white when purchasing sweaters), but the fitted bodie and balloon-y sleeves weren't working for me.

Outfit 6:

Ordered in size small
Sale: $33.90 // After Sale: $58.00

Another basic sweater that comes in a ton of different colors! This is a longer length with a shorter hem in the front as compared to the back. I was really surprised by just how luxurious the material of this one felt for the price. 

I'd love to hear what you purchased, if anything.

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