Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Holy cow, how is it August? This summer has flown by, but in my mind, it isn’t quite over until Labor Day weekend since that’s when I round out the last of the summer weddings I am in. That means I have one more wedding gift to purchase, dusty blue bridesmaid gift to wear, and maybe if I’m lucky one last bridesmaid gift to receive. As I’m sure y’all recognize, the wedding industry seems to be getting more and more elaborate with meticulously panned proposals and gifts given to those attending. While it’s a treat to be asked to be in a wedding, it doesn’t have to be done with a gift, but that seems to be the trend. The same goes for bridesmaids’ gifts. For both of the weddings I’ve been in so far, the bride has graciously given the bridesmaids gifts as a thank you and since I love what I have received, I thought it would be fun to share some bridesmaid gift ideas I came up with in case you’re looking for a way to thank those friends you’ve asked to be in your wedding. While some of these ideas came straight from what we received, some of them were ones I came up with as well. 

Since your wedding day will likely begin bright and early, why not give your girls something to be comfortable in while getting ready? Especially since so much of the day is photographed, it’s fun to have a matching PJ set, possibly in your wedding colors, for your bridesmaids to wear. I am the proud new owner of two pairs of soft pajamas from the weddings I’ve been in and find myself thinking of my friends’ wedding days each time I put them on. They are a practical gift that feels like a luxury and will be worn long past the wedding day. 

If you know me in real life then you probably already know how much I treasure handwritten notes. I have a box filled with any note/letter I’ve received since being in college and love looking back through them on occasion. If someone has asked you to be in their bridal party, then, likely, you’re pretty close. A thoughtful note from them explaining the impact you’ve had in their life or sharing their excitement for the big day would be something sweet to include. Think of it as a reverse toast although you could save the sentiments for a thank you letter as well. 

Memento From The Location: Hat + Mug
Something I love the idea of including in a bridesmaid gift or welcome bag for guests is a memento from the location where the wedding is taking place. Maybe your town is known for something specific if so include that! If not, I love Evelyn Henson’s map mugs and Aviate’s airport code hats. While there aren’t necessarily items, you would be dying to use the day of, they show appreciation for those friends that have traveled near and far to celebrate and serve as a souvenir of sorts. 

Jewelry To Wear: Earrings + Bracelets
Who says practicality needs to be boring? If you want to do something specific when it comes to wedding day jewelry (ex. something other than pearl studs for those of us in the south) it’s helpful to gift the item directly to the bridesmaid, so they don’t have to go out of their way searching for the item, and you can ensure it’s exactly what you envisioned. Simple gold bracelets are a classic, but I’ve loved the bold earring trend I’ve seen among wedding parties as of late! Specifically, once I was introduced to Ashley Woods Designs! She has the most beautiful gold, pearl, and rattan options that would be what my bridesmaids would wear if I were to be getting married anytime soon. I have found myself wearing this specific pair to the rehearsal dinners and dressier events I’ve attended lately and have even had friends borrow them for weddings they’ve attended and been in. Click the “wedding party” tab on her site to see some of the different designs she has created for brides or shop her collection of earrings that include both formal and more casual styles. 

Chances are as a bride you’re going to want your bridesmaids to have their nails painted in a color that matches your overall scheme. To give your girls a color idea without having to come across as picky gift them exactly what you’d love to see. For both of the weddings I’ve been in so far this summer that color has been a light, neutral pink. For one, I wore the color linked above, and for the other, we went and got our nails done, so I wore that on my toes. While it will come down to the bride’s preference, I think the color is a real winner! 

Toiletries: Makeup Eraser + Lotion
While the word toiletries may have you envisioning the travel-size aisle at target, think more specifically about what would be useful on the big day. One item I don’t travel without is my makeup eraser given how well it removes my makeup. Yes, even when a professional has done it. Buying a back of travel size makeup erasers and putting it in your bridesmaids’ gifts would be useful once the wedding day is over and even after that fact. Another item that a bunch of us kept asking/looking for while getting ready was lotion. When Sophia asked us to be her bridesmaids a while back, we got the most delicious smelling Beautycounter hand lotion that eventually had me purchasing the bottle made for your body! 

I love the idea of gifting something that could potentially be useful every day for your bridesmaids. A small piece of art or a pretty handmade dish are excellent options for that. I received this beautiful piece of pottery for my high school graduation and have taken it with me everywhere I have lived since. At Kate’s bridesmaids’ luncheon, we received a small dish like this that her grandmother had hand-painted with a scene of the bay and our name. The thought that went into that gift was touching and like the piece I received for graduation, I know I will love having it to display wherever I live from here on out. 

If you ask me, you can never have too many makeup bags or toiletry cases. Between lip glosses and touch up items for the wedding day and shampoo and conditioner when traveling, I can always find a use for a pouch. I love the ones that the brand Truffle makes, but there are so many options out there that you could easily find something that suits your fancy! 

I hope that this list of ideas was helpful for any of you brainstorming gifts for your bridesmaids! If you have any other ideas or have a favorite item, you have received in the past, be sure to leave them below. 

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