Monday, August 19, 2019

Step Into My Week 8.19

Thank goodness this past week went by much quicker than the last. I don’t know if everyone feels that way, but that’s how it felt for me. My to-do list for the past week was started on Wednesday, so maybe having a lot on my plate helped it to go by faster. I have a feeling I’ll continue to have a lengthy list as we continue to work on Christmas related content in the office and I prepare to plan ahead for a little bit of time off at the end of this month. 

I got to work on Monday anticipating a day that felt a little bit all over the place. I had time to do my normal post-weekend tasks first thing in the morning before a long meeting of product organizing and selecting for a shoot the following day. By the time we finished working on that, I had to take the products to our stylist, walk her through what we had decided, and unpack the last couple of items. I had lunch and then it was back to working on a piece I was writing before another meeting at 2:30. From there I had to go pick up a product from a store nearby for the shoot and made it back with about an hour to spare that afternoon. At that point, there were emails that needed to be responded to and copy to route. After work, I went to the Y to work out before coming home to shower, eat dinner, and watch tv. I honestly can’t remember if I did anything else that night so I’m guessing I just went to sleep. 

Tuesday was a shoot day, so I had a little bit of time in the office before needing to head to our location for the photoshoot. I had a meeting in the office at 10:00, so I ended up having to go back and forth for that. The shoot wrapped around 3:00, which gave me some time at my desk to work on things before a meeting with Lewis Barbecue in the office that afternoon. They brought a ton of the food they offer in their restaurants for our teams to try, and everyone was intrigued as soon as we smelled it on our way to the meeting. With a few minutes to spare after that, I went ahead and made my to-do list for the next day since I knew I’d be able to spend the whole day at my desk (a rare treat lately). From the office, I went to the Y to work out only to discover that I was a dummy and left my tennis shoes at home. This was a major inconvenience (I say that knowing that if that’s the worst thing that happened today, then I’m doing pretty well) given that I didn’t want to go home to get them and then drive back to the gym. Instead, keeping with the dummy trend, I decided to go for a run outside. Mind you we have had heat index warnings all week, and the temperature out was 95 degrees but felt like 104 according to the Weather Channel. Somehow, I managed to survive four miles of that brutality probably due to the heat somehow killing brain cells and made it back to my house a hot and sweaty mess. By the time I had cooled down and showered, I was finally hungry for something other than water and a popsicle and made dinner. I did some blog work before getting in bed to read. 

On Wednesday, I finally submitted another story I was working on, which felt like a relief. On top of that, I pulled lots of photos for social posts, worked on product requests, scheduled social media posts, and worked on putting together some complimentary copies for upcoming issues. While that doesn’t seem like a ton, it somehow took up most of my workday. I had learned my lesson from the day before and fortunately remembered my tennis shoes at the gym and was able to work out in the presence of air conditioning, which felt heavenly after the heat the day before. After work, I went home, showered, made dinner, and joined my roommate to watch Friends. We both got in bed early that night where I finished working on a few behind the scenes blog tasks before turning my light out. 

I had another day at my desk on Thursday and felt productive but not quite as much so as the previous days. I had to work on a binder in the morning and create resources for it, which took some time but felt good to get done. I continued to work on product outreach, photo editing, and product returns in the afternoon. After work, I went home to change for a walk with my roommate to Taco Mama in Crestline to meet one of our Furman friends for dinner. We somehow got an amazing deal on our meal and sat catching up for a while. Our friend drove us home, and somehow on that drive, we convinced him to mount the TV that has been sitting on our floor for a year. It took a quick Walmart trip for washers, but he made it look easy, and we were genuinely speechless since we’ve wanted to get it hung up for so long. Once we get the cords organized and a piece to put underneath it, I feel like our living room will be complete and I can share it with y’all! He left around 9:15 and while we would’ve liked to enjoy the new set up both opted to shower and go to bed instead. 

Friday morning, I slept in about an hour later than normal before getting ready for work and heading to Starbucks on my way. I was able to organize some of my posts for the coming month and respond to some very overdue emails before arriving at the office at 8:00. I worked on some copy and other tasks that I hadn’t gotten to earlier in the week and went ahead and started my to-do list for the next week. I left work at noon and headed home to eat lunch and package up some returns I had before deciding to go to the pool to read for a bit. Two hours and half a book later I went back home to shower, read some more, and get ready to meet a group of friends at Freddy’s Wine Bar that evening. It is restaurant week in Birmingham, which means a lot of places have had really good deals on food and drinks. We ended up splitting a few bottles of wine, a charcuterie board, and getting a few other small bites to enjoy while hanging out together. One of our friends had a wedding to attend the following night and convinced us to go hang out with the people he knew in town for that at the bar at the Grand Bohemian in Mountain Brook. After staying there for about an hour, a smaller group of us decided to venture to the Lakeshore area to go to Moe’s, a popular bar there. They had a band playing, which made it more fun than usual. A few of us went to another bar called Tin Roof in the area for a little bit before opting to call it a night and head home. 

Saturday morning, I slept in and had a lazy morning before showering and working on blog work for some approaching deadlines I have. After eating lunch at home and sitting at my desk for a while I went to Target to pick up some supplies for an upcoming post and then went over to my friend Macy’s house to watch SVU and have a cup of coffee with she and her roommates and her friend (I feel like I get to say our friend now though after getting to spend so much time with her this summer), Maggie. We made a game plan for the evening since we were all going to a concert together later that night. I went home to get some other stuff done before it was time to get ready and meet up with them at Carrigan’s downtown. We ordered dinner and a few drinks and were able to sit outside before eventually heading to Avondale Brewing for the Dirty Guv’nahs concert. I was surprised by how many people I knew there and the number of people there in general. We worked our way to the mid-front to watch the show, which was incredible despite how hot it was standing outside. We came back to my house briefly before meeting up with some of our guy friends at Moe’s afterward. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to Moe’s three times in one month let alone three times in total in the span of the past two weekends. We stayed there for about an hour before calling it a night and heading home. 



I must’ve been tired given that I slept in later than I have in a while on Sunday before getting ready and heading to church. After church, I went to Trader Joe’s and Publix to stock up on groceries for the week. I had lunch at home and put some chicken in the crockpot for salads this week and headed to Starbucks to work on blog posts. I stayed there until around 3:30 and then went home to work on blog photos while hoping the weather would cool off to go for a walk and catch up with friends on the phone. After getting back from my walk, I showered and cooked food to have for the week. I put away my laundry and continued to be productive while my roommate and I watched TV before going to bed. 

This past week, specifically the weekend, was one of those times where I felt reminded of just how much of the “right” decision moving to Birmingham and doing something aside from teaching was. It’s always nice to feel reassured about big decisions on occasion, and I’m definitely feeling very content as of late. 

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