Friday, August 9, 2019

July 2019 Favorites

Happy Friday! This week felt like a long one, so I am especially glad the weekend is here. Odd in a similar sense, I’m kind of excited for August to have arrived as well. Don’t get me wrong, July was great, but in my mind, August comes with a fresh start in the back to school mindset even though that doesn’t fully apply to me anymore. I don’t want to fully dive into August (even though it’s already the ninth) without first sharing the products I loved in July with y’all. 

This year I’ve been all about affordable workout clothes. My go-to’s have been Amazon and Old Navy, and currently, I’m on a big Old Navy kick. After discovering how comfortable and lightweight their workout shorts are, I stocked up on plenty, but then I saw this polka dot pair and had to get those too. 

I discovered this product a while back and was so sad when I ran out of my first tube. It’s expensive, so I kept putting off re-purchasing until I saw that a mini size was available. With lots of summer airplane travel on my planner for the second half of the season (for me at least) I knew I wanted my skin to feel refreshed when I stepped into the airport after the flight especially given the events I’d be attending. I applied this a few times during my flight, and fortunately, my skin felt soft and stayed relatively clear after being on a plane which isn’t always the case. It also doesn’t hurt that I think the packaging is really cute. 

Since this is our busy season in the office and the Superbowl of months with blogging, I feel like my eyes haven’t left a computer screen. I always keep my blue light glasses at my desk at the office and found myself wearing them much more often than not this past month. Mine are by the brand Penn Avenue Eyewear, but I’ve linked an under $20 pair here

I am the type of person who finds a recipe they like and make it over and over again. That’s the case with Elisabeth and Butter’s Baked Oatmeal Recipe. If you read my post on Wednesday, you likely saw that it was another recipe by Elisabeth and for a good reason. She shares recipes that are easy enough to make but delicious enough to impress. I think I made her Baked Oatmeal three out of the four weeks in July since it’s my favorite mid-morning snack during the week. If you’re looking for something to make this weekend give it or this recipe a try. 

Y’all I have bad news. I think this swimsuit is sold out. If you weren’t interested in it, then I guess that’s not that bad of news, but boy am I glad I got it when I did. I love the style of this suit given that it’s not skimpy and instead makes a positive statement. I didn’t buy the bottoms but now that they are on sale I may consider it since the quality of the top is so great and I know I’ll be wearing it summers to come. 

You’ve seen me mention Ashley Woods Designs a bunch in the past month and I am sure I will be continuing to talk about her designs given how often I wear the pairs I own. The pair pictured has been my go-to for all of the more formal events I’ve attended this past month. If you’re looking for something more suitable for every day I have the “Dorothy” pair (have I mentioned how much I love the owner for naming this pair after me?) and love wearing them to work! 

This was my one Amazon Prime day purchase after hinting to my parents that I have wanted one of these for months with no avail of it suddenly arriving on my doorstep. I felt silly buying something like this given how ridiculous it looks but I now have no shame when it comes to wearing this since it has been a game-changer when sleeping on a plane. 

I’d love to know what you’ve loved this past month or if we have any overlapping favorites! 

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