Monday, August 12, 2019

Step Into My Week 8.12

When thinking back to what I’ve been up to the past week, I realized that last Monday feels as though it was two weeks ago instead of just one. Needless to say, it was a long week but a good one. Since we are in the midst of working on all things Christmas in the office, it may come as no surprise that things are very busy and I think my to-do list for this week began on Wednesday if that’s saying anything. 

I somehow got in the habit this week of waking up even earlier than normal, which isn’t the worst thing and will probably work in my favor as school starts back and traffic becomes more congested. For the most part that doesn’t affect me since I am at work at 7:00, but I’m attempting to use it as a motivator to keep this trend up! I wish I could remember exactly what I did each day, but since my to-do lists were so long, I didn’t write them in my planner and instead wrote them on a sheet of paper I tossed at the end of the day, oops. I was at the office until around 8:30 before heading to our second of three Christmas cover shoots for The Cottage Journal. I had to make a pit stop for the stylist on the way to grab a few props necessary for the shoot but was there for most of the day. This was an easier shoot to set up for since we didn’t have to decorate the tree quite as extravagantly since the focus was on the place settings. Once we got the go-ahead from everyone that we had the shots we needed, we disassembled everything and loaded it in the van to be unpacked at the office. I got back there around 3:00, unloaded and headed straight to a meeting to talk items to call in for three more upcoming Christmas shoots. Once we had talked through all of those things, I had less than an hour at my desk to get a few things accomplished before heading out for the night. I went from work to the Y to get in a workout before meeting my roommate and our friend Allie for dinner at Saws in Homewood. I was tired by the time we left dinner around 8:30, and I was happy to rinse off and get in bed early.

Tuesday morning, I woke up early again and decided to shower in the morning which is really random for me but would mean I wouldn’t have to wash my hair that night which seemed like a win at the time. I was excited to have a full day in the office to work on the three different pieces I was working on and tackle some of the tasks that needed to get done. I spent most of the day trying to identify specific Christmas ornaments in a spread I was working on and also had a lot of products to check in on the status of. Between writing, pulling images, and emails the day flew by. After work, I went to work out and then came home to get clean, eat, and watch Bachelor in Paradise (which I am so confused by). I got in bed around 9:00 and started to make some progress on the book I’m currently reading

Wednesday, for the most part, was spent working on a book review article and outlining an additional article I was assigned for a Christmas issue. We also started to receive a lot of the Christmas products for one of our upcoming shoots, and I had to move most of them to another area because they were beginning to overtake my space. I’m excited to see how that shoot comes together this week. After work, I decided to go home and go for a run, which was very, very hot, and I was excited to take a cold shower afterward. I worked on some blog stuff, ate dinner, and watched the second half of Bachelor in Paradise before calling it a night. 

On Thursday, I pretty much spent the entire day writing. Aside from that, there were emails to send, boxes to unpack, and social posts to schedule, but those seemed minor to how long I spent working on one of the pieces I was assigned. Come 5:00, I was exhausted, and since my foot had bothered me the night before I decided to skip working out. My friend Macy and I tried to decide whether or not to go to the baseball game and ultimately decided to hang out at her new house and have dinner there instead. Her new house is beautiful, and I’m so jealous of the kitchen space and how bright and airy it is. I stayed over there til around 9:30 before heading home and getting in bed before an early alarm on Friday.

Friday kind of feels like two separate days now that I think about it because of how much I was able to fit in. I started my morning with a workout class at True40 downtown with Macy before showering and heading to work. After work, I got a haircut, ran a couple of errands, did some chores around the house, showered, and had time for a nap before getting ready to head to a friend’s house for a get together before heading to Art on the Rocks as a big group. We had done this same thing for the last Art on the Rocks event, and I’m sad that they are now over for the summer given how much fun they have been. We got to the event around 8:30 and headed straight to the food which wasn’t quite as good as the last time. We grabbed a drink and eventually made our way outside to where the band was playing. We danced for a while out there before heading back inside for another drink and to actually view the art since we failed to do that last time. Some of us watched the band finish up outside before reconvening as a group and heading to the after-party at a bar called Paper Dolls downtown. We stayed there for about an hour and a half and then made our ways to Lakeview to go to Moe’s for a bit before getting tacos from a taco truck there and heading home. It was a late night but a fun one! 

Saturday morning called for sleeping in before doing just about anything. Macy and I ended up exploring together, heading to different stores to look for some things for her new house before grabbing lunch at a new salad place called Greenhouse and getting ice cream at Big Spoon. She came back to my house so that we could go for a bit of a walk and although it rained on us some it made the heat much more bearable. She headed home to meet her mom, who had come to town, and I stayed put at my house and showered and took it easy for a while. Around 7:45, I headed over to her house to get dinner with her and her mom. We tried to go to GianMarco’s Wine Bar, which is a favorite of mine, but the wait was long, so we went to Roots & Revelry instead. The service, drinks, and food were incredible, and we all left feeling very full. I headed home after that and was going to watch a movie in bed but found myself so tired that I went straight to sleep instead.



Sunday seemed like a bit of a lazier day, and I definitely should have worked further ahead on blog tasks to make this week go more smoothly. I did manage to grocery shop, meal prep, and go for about a five-mile walk while catching up with people on the phone. My roommate was back from her trip to New York, so we were able to catch up and have a night in together, which is always a treat. I got in bed around 8:30 and caught up with Nell before reading and falling asleep. This past weekend also marked one year of officially having the house we are in! Below is a glimpse at how empty my room was at the get-go!

I’m hoping that this week goes by a little bit faster than the last but as you can guess I’ll be updating you here next Monday! I hope that y’all have a great start to your week and are feeling energized instead of overwhelmed. 

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