Monday, August 5, 2019

Step Into My Week 8.5

To sum up what you’ll figure out from today’s post, coming back to work after a week off can make for a hectic week. Busy isn’t always bad, but come Friday afternoon I was exhausted and ready to close my computer for a bit. This meant that I definitely didn’t get as ahead with blogging or caught up on as many emails as I would have liked, but I’m telling myself that there is always this week and weekend for that. 

I’ve always been someone who thrives on routine and was surprised by how much I craved getting back into one after last week’s trip to Seattle. This past week was a start at that, but hopefully, I’ll settle back into it fully in the week ahead (and maybe remember to take more pictures too). 

Since I got back late last Sunday night from Seattle, I had chosen to use Monday as a vacation day, and it felt needed to get caught up. I slept in until around 10:30 before throwing on workout clothes (and being excited that there was no reason to put on makeup). I made some coffee, started my laundry, and headed to the grocery store so that I’d have food to eat for the week. After that, I grabbed a salad for lunch and took advantage of being able to go to the gym when it wouldn’t be quite as busy as it is at 5:30 when I usually go. I got in a good workout and was able to head home to finish my laundry and unpacking before watching part one of the Bachelorette finale with Nell and my roommate.

On Tuesday it was back to work and a lengthy to-do list. From scheduling social posts, making sure everything was set for a shoot to finishing a content management program and catching up on emails it was no wonder that the day went by quickly and that was just the first half. I spent the rest of the day going through a binder that I forgot would have that day and finished up those resources before heading to the Y to work out. I hurried home to shower so that I was ready to watch when part two of the Bachelorette finale came on. 

Wednesday was another day of playing catch up with a lot of time spent product sourcing for upcoming Christmas issues. While online shopping is fun, it’s a bit challenging to feel encouraged to shop for Christmas at the start of August. I turned on some Christmas music in an attempt to get in the holiday spirit, and I’m not sure it helped. I was able to pack up some products to be shipped back which felt like an accomplishment, worked through some social posts, and helped plan a Christmas shoot that is taking place this week. My afternoon was made even better thanks to packing a K-Cup in my lunch box, and I think I may have to do that more often. There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee in a cold office to motivate you. After work, I met my friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant near my house so that we could brainstorm what we wanted to do for our bible study and catch up before some of them leave town this week until the end of August. 

On Thursday I felt like I was regaining footing when it came to catching up at work and was able to route a lot of copy, continue sourcing Christmas products, and pack up props for the shoot this week. I started a piece for an upcoming issue and before I knew it 5:00 rolled around. After work, I went home to quickly change before meeting friends for dinner before seeing the play Matilda. I had seen the show in New York with my friends on our freshman year spring break trip, so it was fun to get to see it another time. I had forgotten a lot of what happened in it, and we all left feeling glad we went.

I knew Friday was going to be a busy day, so I woke up early and made my way to Starbucks to attempt to get some blog work done before going to the office. Once in the office, I met with one of our editors to continue coming up with ideas for products to feature and quickly scheduled some social posts before heading to set up for our Christmas shoot around 9:15. The stylist and I struggled when it came to getting the tree to actually light up which was a bummer but eventually we made it work. I came back to the office to get a few additional props and ran those back by the location as we finished setting up at noon. Since I had minimal time at my desk that day, I worked from home until about 2:30 requesting products and trying to make this week a bit easier on me. When I did stop working, I went ahead and changed into workout clothes for the True40 class I was attending that night and cleaned up my room and finally finished unpacking everything. Nell picked me up for our workout class around 3:30, and when the class ended, they had cake and champagne to celebrate the studio having been open for a year! We went to dinner at a pizza place called Basil near where we live, and the weather had cooled down a bit that we went for a walk afterward. We ended the night with ice cream at Big Spoon, and I was excited to get into bed kind of early.

Saturday morning, I slept in a bit before drinking my coffee and working from bed. Around 11:30, I decided to go ahead and tackle my grocery shopping for the week and spent a lot of Saturday treating it like it was a Sunday. When I got back from my errands, it started to storm, so I cooked, did laundry, and camped out on the couch for a bit to watch Netflix. Later on, I went to a friend’s house where a group of us played Scrabble (and I won) and then ate a grilled out meal. I had plans to meet up with another group of friends later that night, and we headed to The Grand Bohemian for a drink. I was home by 11:00 and asleep soon after.

On Sunday morning, I did a bit more meal prepping before going with Nell to Starbucks to get work done before church. After church, I finished cooking for the week and decided to go on a long walk to catch up with Sophia since she was back from her honeymoon. Toward the end of my walk, it started to pour, and I eventually had to hang up so that I could run home since it was storming. I showered and then put away my laundry and talked on the phone with my parents before watching a movie with my roommate that night. 

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