Thursday, August 22, 2019

My Best Tips For Feeling Like I Have My Life Together When I Don't

Before we get into today’s post, I want to take a second to apologize (and voice my frustration) that yesterday’s post (which is now in the draft state) had links that weren’t clickable. It took forever to do, and I was excited to get it live for y’all, but the linking program I use is having some issues. Once it gets fixed, I will re-post it for y’all, but I hate missing a weekday of posting and was bummed that it wasn’t working correctly. Now back to today’s post…

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a person who lives in extremes unless it involves whether or not I feel like I have my act together. For whatever reason, I either feel super put together or like a total mess. I know that this is just a personal take on the situation and that when I don’t feel like I don’t have my act together it may not be noticeable to other people, but it stands out to me. When I start feeling as if my life isn’t necessarily in order, there are a few things that I’ve discovered that help me feel as though things are more put together than they seem. 

Make My Bed
 I enjoy coming home to find my room put together complete with my bed made. There’s something about it that seems more welcoming than a room that is a mess. Growing up, my brother and I didn’t really have the choice of whether or not we made our bed since it was an expectation my parents had of us. While there were times that I would’ve rather left it askew, I’m glad that making my bed was a habit instilled early on. Even if I get nothing else accomplished during the day, I’ve made my bed, and that’s something. 

You’ll realize that the trend of these tips involves doing something productive. Personally, I am not the best at being lazy, and that tends to be when I feel like I don’t have my life together. Getting in a workout, whether that’s a group class, a trip to the gym, or going on a run or walk, helps me to feel more in control. It doesn’t hurt that post-workout endorphins usually boost my mood too! 

Meal Prep
I don’t know if there’s anything better than going to bed on Sunday night with a fridge stocked with all the meals I will eat during the week. While sometimes it can be hard to force myself to want to cook on a Sunday afternoon or evening I definitely feel more ready for the week ahead when I have. Even if you don’t necessarily need to prep for the entire week at a time, prepackaging the snacks you plan to take to work or smaller items like that can help you feel more put together especially on rushed mornings. 

Do Laundry
In my mind, laundry is such an easy task. You take it to your washing machine, throw it in, use your favorite detergent, and wait. It’s the putting it away part that isn’t my favorite. I like for everything to be ready to go on Sunday nights so that I have choices for workout and work clothes the rest of the week without having to question if something is clean. 

Tidy Up
I attempt to live with the mentality that everything has a place to go, so it should be easy to just put it in its place at the end of the day. That mindset isn’t always transferred to my actions, however. Inevitably things get left where they aren’t supposed to be so taking a few minutes to get everything back in its place gives me a sense of relief. It’s not hard to tell when I’ve had an especially busy week since there will likely be more to tidy up than usual. 

Make A To-Do List
Maybe you want to feel more put together but don’t necessarily want to act on it right away. That’s when I break out the to-do list and write down all I want to get done. Sometimes this inspires me to get started on getting my life back in order, and other times, it feels like an action plan for later. Either way, I’m more likely to do a task if I get to cross it off once it is complete! 

What do y’all do to feel more put together? 

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