Thursday, June 13, 2019

June Q&A

Has this week been weird to anyone else? I can’t decide if it feels like it has been going by fast or slow since I feel like it should be Wednesday and Friday all at the same time. I always get excited when it comes time to share an updated monthly Q&A with y’all because it’s so interesting to see what questions will be asked. Before we get too caught up in the questions though, I need to take a second to brag on a recent find that should be added to any working girls’ closet.


I happened across this skirt when looking through Walmart’s new arrivals and was completely impressed with the quality given the price when it arrived on my doorstep two-days after ordering it. I shouldn’t have been that shocked since all of the pieces I’ve purchased recently from Walmart have been so great but especially those from the TEXTILE brand (including this dress that I shared here). It is the closest I’ve come to find a similar style to one of my all-time favorite skirt silhouettes that J.Crew only released for a season (fortunately I snagged it in 4 colors then but keep my fingers crossed each spring that it will be re-released). This Walmart version comes in three different color options, and the material is much more comfortable than the J.Crew counterpart it resembles. I was curious if it would be see-through or look bunchy with something tucked into it, but the quality of the fabric and thick waistband made it, so neither of those things were a concern. And at under $40 I know I’ll be getting my money’s worth. I paired it with this adorable blue and white striped blouse ($11!) that looks equally as cute with white jeans. I did size up in the top to a medium but stuck with a small in the skirt which was a perfect fit. And my watch is still $400 off!!  Alright, PSA over and now on to the questions. 

What books have you been reading that you would recommend?
I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and have been loving it! I think I’ve read/listened to close to twenty books so far this year and am excited to continue to increase that number. I’ve even recently started to share what I’ve read on Instagram stories (see “books” story highlight). My favorites as of late have been A Beautiful Corpse, Pretty Girls, Ghosted, and All We Ever Wanted.

What is it like to be a blogger? Is it fun?
Being a blogger is a lot of fun, but honestly, I can’t remember much of what I did before being a blogger since I’ve been doing this for so long. There are plenty of times that it is challenging to juggle a full-time job and still have quality content on the blog at least five days a week, but I love the creativity it offers me. 

Any wedding season tips for being a bridesmaid?
Hmm, I’m not sure I have enough experience just yet to be giving a bunch of tips when it comes to being a bridesmaid, but when it comes to dressing for all the events that come along with being in a wedding, I can’t recommend Rent the Runway’s Reserve service enough. I’m planning to use it for the two weddings I have left this summer, and if you would like 25% off your first order, you can use the code DOROTHYPERK25 (and see what I’d order for a whole wedding weekend here). 

Are you still using BeautyCounter?
Yes! My favorite BeautyCounter products that I’m using currently are this sunscreen stick, counter control SOS acne spot treatment, tint skin, and their hydrating body lotion in citrus mimosa

Do you want to get married?
Yep, but I’m in NO rush. I feel like in the South it’s really common for people to get married at a relatively young age, but right now I like my independence way too much to see that as a good fit for me. 

Can you do a makeup tutorial?
I haven’t done a video tutorial, but I did share a blog post with details about my everyday makeup routine here

Do you miss having summers off as a teacher?
Not really since I never had a summer off while teaching. The summer right after college, I started grad school, which meant I had class all summer up until I started my first year as a teacher. Fast forward to the following summer, which would have been my first summer off as a teacher, but I was finishing grad school with class all day. I think had I not been in grad school and had those summers I would miss having them off, but since I didn’t, doing work in the summer feels normal. My work/life balance is better than it has ever been now, so I have been making the most of the summer with what my roommate and I refer to as our summer mentality. Like anyone, I am looking forward to some vacation time off next month. 

I was fortunate enough to get a job in my hometown during my first year out of college. Do you have any tips for figuring out how not to get down on myself for living at home and not in a new city like my other friends?
For starters, congratulations! No one really warns you, but your first year out of college will be a bit of a challenge. I don’t say that to scare you but instead to encourage you since you will be with two of the people that support you the most (your parents) during this time. By living at home, you’re going to be able to save SO MUCH and therefore will have a little bit more money to go and visit friends in their new cities when you want a taste of what their lives and different cities may be like. I would try to be intentional of being social and making friends just like you would if you were starting someplace fresh since it could be easy to just rely on the comforts of home. My plan last summer if a roommate and job hadn’t lined up so perfectly in Birmingham was to move home with my parents. And no offense to any roommate I’ve ever had but my parents top them all since living with them comes free of charge, with meals and groceries, and even a cute dog. Don’t beat yourself up over moving home in the slightest but do start saving as much as you can so that if the opportunity presents itself to branch out and move somewhere new, you feel confident doing that!

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