Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My Five Step Everyday Makeup Routine

When it comes to makeup, I feel like I am only skilled enough to do one look. I don’t have much expertise and feel like most of the way I look for work is pretty much the same as when I put in more effort for an occasion or event. I am always so impressed when people can do different eye shadow looks or highlight different areas of their face with contouring. That is a skill I’ll leave to the professionals while I continue to do just about the same thing every day.


Since I’m a “pro” with what I do, I figured why not share the step by step and products I use with y’all! It helped that the bathroom where we are staying in Charleston provides such great lighting and a pretty backdrop to make this more visually appealing too!


makeup case

Depending on how awake I am, this only takes between 5 and 10 minutes to do and only because I like to let my moisturizer sink in before moving on to the next step. If you’re not committed to spending much time on your makeup in the morning or are getting ready to re-stock a product or two hopefully, you’ll find something to add to your makeup bag. 

Step One: Curl Eyelashes and Put on Mascara
I know that most people do this toward the end of putting on makeup, but I tend to focus so intensely while attempting to put on mascara hat I get lines on my forehead that would become more noticeable if I waited until the end to do this step. I also am notorious for getting mascara on my eyelid so doing this at the beginning kind of gets the hard part out of the way for me. My eyelash curler is nothing special and was probably one of the least expensive ones I found at Target. I don’t think you need anything fancy to get a bit of a curl but have heard great things about this one if you’re looking to splurge. Then I apply a few coats of Loreal’s Lash Paradise Mascara. My friend Ellison got me hooked on this, and I have continued to buy it a year later whenever I need a fresh tube. 

Step Two: Moisturize and Apply IT Cosmetics CC Cream with a Beauty Blender
I’m not fancy when it comes to the moisturizer I use before applying makeup and typically just reach for the Cetaphil I have on my bathroom counter at home. I know that many people rely on a primer, but I consider this to be my primer. Then, I soak my Beauty Blender (admittedly this is one from Real Techniques that replaced my Beauty Blender, and I like both brands version equally) in water, squeeze it, and apply one pump of IT Cosmetics CC Cream in the shade light. I love the dewy finish this cc cream provides while still hiding imperfections but not masking my entire face in product. It’s also really nice that it has SPF 50 built into it! 

Step Three: Apply Powder 
I have to use a powder to help keep my makeup in place and have been using Milk Makeup's Powder for a while now and really like it. It seems to be a slightly tinted translucent powder more than anything but feels great on the skin and sets my makeup nicely. If you prefer something more full coverage, then you probably won’t love this, but with summer coming up it’s a good thing to know about! 

Step Four: Nars Bronzer and Blush Duo
I know very little about bronzer and am usually intimidated with how it looks in its packaging since I don’t want my face to end up looking dirty. This one (in the shade Laguna) looks pretty natural and is a good way to accentuate underneath your cheekbones. I finish with the blush which has a slight shimmer that comes across more glowy than glittery which I prefer. 

Step Five: Brush Eyebrows and Occasionally Fill in with Beautycounter’s Eyebrow Pencil in Medium
Confession time, I’ve never had my eyebrows done. The idea of putting hot wax that close to your eyes kind of freaks me out. Instead, I use tweezers to tackle anything that may be out of place. I also really like the spooly side of Beautycounter’s Eyebrow pencil and use it to brush my eyebrows as my finishing step before heading out the door. If I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll sometimes use the pencil on the other side to fill my brows in a bit, but that’s not that often.

Five steps later and you’re done! This definitely isn’t giving me the fullest coverage, but it’s great for every day when you’re wanting to look polished while still looking very much like yourself! If you have any more full coverage foundation favorites, I’d love to hear them as I prepare to have to do my own makeup for friend’s wedding events.

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