Monday, June 10, 2019

Step Into My Week 6.10

Happy Monday! I hope that y’all had a great last week and weekend. My week felt relatively busy with my weekend plans getting messed up due to weather, which was a bummer. I attempted to make the most of it though and know that I’m definitely more rested than I would have been as I head into another busy week. 

Last Monday my to-do list took up every line of my planner if that says anything. As I briefly mentioned in last week’s step into my week post, I recently took on another role at my job which has me working on two magazine titles as opposed to just the one I was previously working on. I am excited for added responsibility and the ability to emerge myself in a second brand, although it has added more responsibilities to my day to day routine. I spent a lot of the week reminding myself that it’s ok to have your toes in multiple projects at once which is something that I feel like could be a worthwhile reminder to some of y’all as well. I finished the last of my copy for our September issue on Monday morning, sent out some complimentary copies of our magazine, finalized a travel list, submitted an expense report, and finished my day doing some content management tasks that needed to get done.

All in all the day sped along because of that. After work, I went on a run before coming home to shower and make dinner before watching The Bachelorette. During that time, I worked on making my Instagram shopping pick of the day stories before getting in bed to read. My roommate was out of town all week for a work trip, so I ended up spending most of my nights getting in bed relatively early to read since she was gone. 

Tuesday was a day of meetings. I worked on emails for the first part of the morning before an hour and a half long meeting where we looked at images and started making a to-do list for a special issue coming up. I spent time scheduling social posts before my next meeting that afternoon. I worked on the to-do list I had made for myself during those meetings for the remainder of the afternoon before heading the Y to workout. After I finished my workout, I came home, showered, and made dinner while finishing up the rest of my blog posts for the week and going to bed. 

On Wednesday I made some returns for a stylist in the morning and worked ahead on a lot of the social media captions for the remained of June. I didn’t have that much on my to-do list, which gave me plenty of time to read through the rest of our teams’ pieces for our upcoming issue and work through the resources for that too. I went to the Y after work and came home to quickly shower and eat before bible study that night. Bible study ended a little after 9:00, so I came back and decided to go ahead and get ready for bed so I could keep making progress with the book I’ve been reading. 

Thursday definitely felt like it should have been Friday, but I was able to make a lot of progress on a piece I’m writing for our October issue which felt like a win. I also had a meeting with a PR team who was kind enough to bring treats from some of their clients to the meeting. Now my desk has a new plant, and I got to enjoy macarons as a snack that afternoon. After work, I went home really quickly before heading to a friend’s birthday dinner at Real & Rosemary. Some of us opted to end the night at TCBY before I went home to pack up for the weekend and finish up my laundry. 

I got an early start on Friday morning with a 5:15 workout at True40 with some of my friends. I came home, showered, and loaded my car with my suitcase before heading to work. I planned to head to Greenville, SC for the weekend to stay with Sophia and attend the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament that her fiancé works for. Unfortunately, there were lots of storms, and it was going to be terrible weather on my drive, so I ended up having to cancel that trip. Instead, I’ll go and visit this coming weekend, which gave me an unexpected weekend in Birmingham. I did my best to make the most of it. After work, I had a lazy afternoon at home before going to dinner with Nell and then coming back to my house to watch a movie. 

My roommate was finally back in town on Saturday, so we spent time hanging out at home some. I went for a long walk with some friends in the afternoon and went to dinner and drinks with a group of friends on Saturday night. Birmingham was supposed to be really gross all weekend, so it was nice that it didn’t pour the whole time and I was able to spend at least some time outside. 

Sunday was pretty slow as well with the weather being a bit wishy-washy, and I went to the store in the morning, so I could go ahead and meal prep for the week. In the afternoon Nell and I were going to go to the library (so she could study, and I could work on blog stuff) but sadly it was closed. We went to the Starbucks in Mountain Brook instead and stayed for a while before eventually leaving and beating the rain home. I showered and finished making dinner, which I ate while watching the Netflix movie Wine Country. Once everything was cleaned up and I was all set for the week I got and bed to read before falling asleep.

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