Friday, June 28, 2019

Dorm Room Design

One of the things I was most excited about before heading away to college freshman year was designing my dorm room. I had never gotten to design a room from scratch and had every intention of taking full advantage of picking out each item that would be in that space (my side at least) for my first year of college. 

With a graduating class that was mainly heading to Alabama or Auburn who had their roommates picked out before I even knew where I’d be attending school forced me to be patient when it came to designing my dorm room. Furman didn’t even give us our room or roommate assignments until early July, which in my 18-year-old mind sucked some of the fun out of the dorm room shopping experience. I had started picking out some of the basics before I got my assignment, but once I had my assignment and knew I was living with Nell, we were fully engrossed in picking pieces out to make our room cute. 

Everyone was shocked when they walked into our dorm room freshman year and said it looked like something out of Southern Living. We even heard people walk by our room whispering “rumor has it they only met once” when referring to how coordinated everything ended up being. We were used to decked out dorm rooms from our friends at state schools, but apparently, this wasn’t as much of a thing at Furman when we were a freshman. I know that’s changed a good bit, especially given that there are so many places to find cute pieces for your dorm room now.

I thought it would be fun to share a few different dorm rooms I’ve dreamed up for anyone planning on decorating their dorm in the fall. I had more fun than I should probably admit searching through the sites I scoured before my freshman year in hopes of inspiring y’all with the ways to make the most of your small space. I tried to use different color schemes and retailers to help those of you trying to figure out the best place to buy various items. And while you’re at it shopping for your dorm room, be sure to check out my list of dorm room essentials from this post. 

You can be taken to most of the items below by clicking on the product in the graphic. Unfortunately not all of the items could be linked that way so I have included some of the other pieces below!

Navy Bed Skirt // Light Blue Scallop Coverlet // Grey Blanket // Grey Monogram Sham // White Coverlet // White Ruffle Lumbar Pillow // Teal Patterned Headboard // White Pom Pom Quilt // Teal Accent Pillow // Tan Bedskirt

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