Monday, June 3, 2019

Step Into My Week 6.3

Can we go back to last week when we had Monday off? I forget how great a three-day weekend can be until I remember just how short two-day weekends feel afterward. I really can’t complain too much though since my Friday’s are half days. I think June is going to be my calmest month of summer since I’ll be in Birmingham for two of the weekends and away for two so I’m going to take advantage of weekends here when I have them regardless of if they are two days or three. 

Because of the shortened work-week, this past week went by pretty quickly. It was back to the office on Tuesday morning and overall a very productive day. From comments to emails and research for upcoming features, I felt like I was able to accomplish a lot but not necessarily put finite checks on my to-do list since a lot of what I was doing was working ahead. After work, I went to the Y for a while since I hadn’t really worked out since Thursday and then met my friends for half-priced margaritas and tacos at Taco Mama. As I was walking up, I saw one of my friend’s from home who was just passing through town, which felt like such a treat! After we finished our dinner, I drove back home, showered, and decided to work on some blog work. Knowing that my summer schedule is going to be a bit all over the place and that my friends are more likely to want to do things at night has been the biggest encouragement for me to try to stay ahead and be productive when I do have time to prep posts, graphics, and social content. I worked on a couple of graphics for posts, scheduled social media, and was able to draft a couple of emails that needed to be responded to before I decided to close my computer and read. This week I started Emily Giffin’s All We Ever Wanted to break up the thrillers I got from the library. 

Wednesday morning, I got to the office ready to write. I worked ahead on some copy and read through some of the pieces are team had been working on. I’ve discovered that I really like to batch similar work, so it was nice to do a bunch of writing in the morning and social copywriting and scheduling in the afternoon. The weather out was so nice (and it was freezing upstairs where my desk is), so I spent part of the day working outside on the balcony at the office. I was given a variety of new assignments in the afternoon, which consumed most of my time as I looked into how to go about completing them. After work, I went on a quick run before doing a few leg and arm exercises in our basement and then showered and ate dinner. I had bible study at 8:00, and once I got home finished up a few blog graphics before reading and going to sleep. 

Thursday morning my to-do list was about a mile long but before I started it I had to re-arrange things at my desk to fit more magazine issues. This led to freshly printed production schedules and about 30 minutes of organizing, which left me feeling prepared to tackle the list. I spent a good deal of time in the morning pulling photos from upcoming issues, editing them, and organizing them on my computer to be used for social posts this summer. Like I mentioned earlier, batching my work in this way makes me feel efficient while doing tasks like this since I only have to do it every couple of months when the images pulled have all already been posted to our social platforms. After that, I wrote a bunch of captions and scheduled them into our social scheduling platform. 

I started my Friday at Starbucks getting some blog scheduling done before heading to the office. Once I was in the office, it was full speed ahead working on a variety of different things that I hadn’t done before. This was pretty stressful in my opinion since it felt like people had lots of questions, and I didn’t feel like I even had a place to start looking for the answers. Fortunately, it made noon come quickly. After work, I went and got a haircut, stopped by my friend Erin’s house who runs Shop Minette, and picked up a cookie cake for my roommate since we were having friends over to celebrate her birthday that night. Once I got home, I showered and got ready since Nell was helping me with blog photos that afternoon. By the time we finished that, got a snack, and ran an errand, it was time to get changed and tidy up before people came over. Our friends started arriving around 7:30 and wound up staying until close to 10:00. We sat out on the deck for most of the time, and my roommate loved and was quite surprised by her cake. After she and I cleaned up, it was off to bed.


I didn’t do very much on Saturday during the day, which ended up being nice. I sat on our deck and read for a while and read a lot in the afternoon as well. Aside from that, I organized stuff in my room and attempted to stay cool with how hot it was outside. That night we had plans to meet some friends for dinner at a new-to-me restaurant called East West. They had fun drinks and delicious food, and from there we walked to a rooftop bar nearby. I came home after that and was ready for bed but wound up staying up reading for a while.

Sunday morning kicked off early since Nell was helping me with the last of the blog photos that needed to be taken this weekend. It was nice to do it early in the morning since it hadn’t gotten overly hot yet. After we finished those, I went to Trader Joe’s to get my groceries for the week and came home to put them away before going on a walk with my friend Macy. After eating lunch, we made our way to Trim Tab to hang out for a bit before I had plans to go on a walk with Nell that afternoon. We didn’t go too far, but it was very hot and felt good to be in the AC indoors when we got back. Once Nell left I went to Publix, went for another walk while talking on the phone with my parents, and then got showered before making some food for the week. I was oddly in the mood to clean, so I decided to take advantage of it while I could before eventually getting in bed and calling it a night. 

I hope that y’all had a good week and are looking forward to the week ahead! 

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