Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Meal Prep In Your Step: Avocado Turkey Burgers

After sharing a new Meal Prep In Your Step for y’all last week (find my favorite lunch wrap recipe here) and it getting such a positive response I figured I wouldn’t make you wait many many months for the next one. Instead, I’m sharing it today to help any of you searching for an easy and delicious weeknight dinner option. Like last time, I can’t exactly refer to this as a recipe since, in reality, it’s just combining a few different ingredients to make a meal. But, I have a feeling that if you’re anything like me when it comes to cooking and wanting quick options, then you won’t mind! 

Frozen Turkey Burgers (I got mine at Trader Joe’s)
Swiss Cheese
Half an Avocado
Optional: Condiments

How To Make Avocado Turkey Burgers:
1.    Start by reading the cooking instructions on the turkey burger box. Follow those directions as you begin to cook the turkey burger.
2.    Once the burger is almost finished cooking place a slice of swiss cheese on it until melted.
3.    Place bun in toaster and toast to ideal crispiness.
4.    With a fork, mash half of an avocado.
5.    Assemble turkey burger on bottom bun placing mashed avocado on top before setting the top bun on top of the mashed avocado.
6.    Optional: Add any condiments you’d like. 

Told you it was so easy! What’s especially great about this recipe is how easily this can be done with a regular burger as well. When I’m not sure what I want to cook for the week, this has become a default. Like I said last time, I am always on the hunt for new, easy recipes so please send your favorites my way!  

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