Wednesday, June 26, 2019

101 in 1001 List Two

It’s incredible how fast time flies. I remember in high school when 24 and post-grad seemed so far away, and I have no doubts that I’ll look back at this post and think about the stage in life I’m currently in and think about it that way as well. I remember sitting down one summer in college to create my very first 101 in 1001 list thinking that 2019 seemed so far away. Well, the thousandth and first day for that list passed earlier this year, so I figured it was time to sit down and create another one. While I certainly didn’t cross everything off, I enjoyed having them as back-of-my-mind goals to strive for and knew that sitting down to come up with 101 more tasks to complete in 1001 days was something I wanted to do. 

If you don’t read  Mackenzie Horan’s blog, Design Darling, then you may have never heard of this type of list before. Basically, she started this concept as a happy medium between a to-do list and short term bucket list to consume the next 2.75 years. While the time frame when completing my last list (read it here) was pivotal, I have no doubt that there will be plenty of life changes that accompany this period as well. I’m going to be open to the idea of altering this list a bit as situations change but for the most part, am hoping that by writing these tasks down I’ll feel motivated to accomplish them. Here’s to crossing these items off and hopefully sharing updates with y’all as I do! 

Start date: June 26, 2019
End date: March 23, 2022
Personal (1/20)
1.    Come up with 101 things to do in 1001 days (June 26, 2019)
2.    Finish 101 things in 1001 days
3.    Go a week without hitting snooze
4.    Go 2 months without shopping
5.    Unplug for 24 hours
6.    Vote in an election
7.    Buy coffee for the person in line behind me
8.    Go to the dermatologist
9.    Schedule well visits
10.    Make a yearbook of college photos 
11.    Write favorite recipes on recipe cards
12.    Join a local organization/group
13.    Back up my phone to my computer
14.    Go one week without eating sweets
15.    Reach out to professors/mentors from college
16.    Publish 5 freelance articles
17.    Find a place to donate/sell unused clothes to in Birmingham
18.    Read for 30 minutes before bed for two weeks
19.    Stick to phone’s bed time of 10:00 for a month
20.    Upload photos to Facebook

Blogging (XX/27)
21.    Switch to Wordpress and…
22.    Redesign
23.    Create a newsletter
24.    Reach 50,000 followers on Instagram
25.    Introduce my blog to at least 5 brands
26.    Introduce my blog to at least 5 PR agencies
27.    Be featured in an online publication
28.    Collaborate with a dream brand
29.    Attend a blogging conference
30.    Become friends with another blogger 
31.    Update my “about me” page
32.    Connect with creatives in Birmingham
33.    Create a Birmingham, Alabama blog series and guide
34.    Collaborate with Birmingham businesses for said guide
35.    Plan one month’s worth of blog content ahead
36.    Double blog views
37.    Reach monthly blog earning goal for 3 months in a row
38.    Find a way to better promote blog posts (and be consistent)
39.    Hire an intern
40.    Move Prep In Your Step to an LLC
41.    Trademark Prep In Your Step
42.    Purchase a new camera lens
43.    Find a better way to organize photos
44.    Create a new book series on the blog
45.    Have 5 friends guest post on the blog
46.    Create 2 new monthly blog series
47.    Create 10 new Youtube videos

Real world (2/12)
48.    Continue saving for retirement
49.    Get a promotion (November 2019)
50.    Style a shoot with styling credit (First styling byline in summer of 2020)
51.    Finish decorating our house
52.    Begin saving to one day purchase a house
53.    Create a better budget and stick to it
54.    Create a separate emergency savings account
55.    Create 5 new go-to recipes for weekday meals
56.    Change my residency to Birmingham
57.    Minimize Facebook friends and likes
58.    Find 3 new stocks to invest in
59.    Join a church in Birmingham

Wellness (2/8)
60.    Run another half marathon
61.    Workout before work every day for a week
62.    Find someone to play tennis with
63.    Get 8 hours of sleep for a week
64.    Find doctors in Birmingham
65.    Wash my makeup brushes once a month for a year
66.    Go a month without eating fast food
67.    Walk/run 100 miles in 2 months

Family and Friends (XX/8)
68.    Visit 3 friends’ in their post-grad towns
69.    Surprise my parents by coming home
70.    Send Christmas cards to friends
71.    Form new friendships 
72.    Mail 10 snail mail letters to family and friends
73.    Celebrate 5 exciting life events for friends (3/5 Ellison's Engagement, Sophia's Wedding, Gil's Wedding)
74.    Attend a black-tie event (Kristyn's NYE Wedding 12/31/19)
75.    Take family photos (do Gil's wedding photos count?)

Travel (XX/10)
76.    Visit 3 new states (1/3 Washington State)
77.    Plan a trip outside of the US
78.    Visit some place tropical
79.    Bring a friend to my hometown
80.    Go on a trip with my family
81.    Visit my brother in D.C.
82.    See the Cherry Blossoms in D.C.
83.    Visit my brother in FL 
84.    Plan a girl’s weekend
85.    Bring a friend on a blog trip

For Fun (6/16)
86.    Take a cooking class
87.    Take a photography class
89.    Learn to use chopsticks
90.    Purchase a piece of art I really love 
91.    Host another friendsgiving
92.    Host a holiday party
93.    Host a brunch with friends 
94.    Try 20 new places in Birmingham (8/20 Marble Ring, Roots & Revelry, Dread River Distillery, Urban Cookhouse, Paper Dolls, Nana Funks, Queen's Park, Bandit)
95.    Do something out of my comfort zone
96.    Read only library or audiobooks for a year (no purchasing books)
97.    Attend 3 concerts (3/3 The Dirty Guv'nahs - summer '19, Blackjacket Symphony - summer '19, The Brook & The Bluff - fall '19)
98.    Go to a state fair
99.    Go to a college football game (LSU v Auburn Game, October 2019)
100.  Go ice skating
101.  Have a Harry Potter movie-marathon

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