Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Simplifying Wedding Season With Rent The Runway (My Picks For An Entire Wedding Weekend)

Wedding season is undoubtedly upon us. Between my roommate and I, our fridge is covered with save the dates, wedding invites, and postcards for every party that could possibly accompany an engagement. Magnets are always on our shopping list to be able to keep them all hung up. When looking at all of these different events, it’s exciting, but it also takes a lot of different outfits at events where there are sure to be pictures taken. 

Gone are the days (for me at least) where I could rely on 40 sorority sister’s closets to dress myself for various occasions without actually having to buy new pieces. My mom always laughed when I told her that my dresses go to more functions than I do since my friends were continually borrowing them. I’m lucky to have a good group of friends in Birmingham (many of whom are around the same size as me) to rely on when it comes to looking for a way to add more variety into my wardrobe but better yet is the fact that Rent the Runway exists for this very reason. 

I had used Rent the Runway a few times before for formal events where I needed a long dress and knew it would only get worn once. I was recently re-introduced to the brand and could not get over the versatility of the items offered and how easily Rent the Runway Reserve simplifies wedding season. In case you’re not familiar with Rent the Runway, it’s a website that allows you to rent clothing instead of buying it. So many of the pieces on the site are from designers whose pieces I’ve looked at but could never justify the price. Instead, now I can rent these high-quality designer styles at an affordable price and not even have to worry about dry cleaning them after I’ve taken them for a spin since Rent the Runway handles that for you. 

In preparation for the weddings I still have on my calendar for summer, I thought it would be fun to show you what I would rent from Rent the Runway for an out of town wedding and all the events that come with it. If you happen to be gone for more than a weekend, it’s still possible to use Rent the Runway to dress you since they have both four and eight day rental periods and they send two sizes of each item so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not the piece will fit. 

If you happen to want to simplify wedding season yourself, Rent the Runway is offering 25% off your first Reserve order with the code DOROTHYPERK25. You can bet I’ll be using my own code as I reserve pieces for wedding weekends to come. 

Exploring Before The Ceremony


If you’re not in the wedding, chances are you won’t be spending the entire day hanging out and getting your hair and makeup done before pictures and instead will have some time to explore. White jeans are my go-to in the summer and are definitely one of the first things I pack in my suitcase. A fun summery top to go along with them seemed to make sense as my first choice of what to pick up for a wedding weekend. When I saw the lace detail and color of this Hunter Bell Blue Fawn Top, my mind was made up. 

Wedding & Reception

For those of you who are already familiar with Rent the Runway, you may know it best as a place to shop for event dresses. While they’ve certainly expanded their inventory over time, there are so many cocktail dresses that making a decision about which you want to rent can take some time. I opted for this Cynthia Rowley Indigo Ruffle Duster Shift since I know that the color looks good with my skin tone, the silhouette is one of my favorites (I love a good drop waist), and it seems to be the perfect amount of formal for those weddings that may have a vague dress code listed. It didn’t hurt that the material felt amazing when I put it on, and it’s not too fitted meaning you don’t have to decide between a slice of the wedding cake or the groom’s cake.

Brunch On Sunday 


Chances are the day after the wedding you’re a little bit tired after a late night and need something easy to throw on before you head out the door for coffee and brunch. A dress is always a safe bet for that and still makes a drive back home in the car comfortable. I loved the print on this Rebecca Taylor Emerald Daisy Dress, and the adjustable bow tie sleeves had me confident that this would be a good pick. If you have any summer vacations to someplace warm coming up this would be a fun piece to have on hand!

Work on Monday

You’ve finally made it home, and maybe you even did laundry and grocery shopped. If so, you deserve a lot of credit! Shifting your mindset from a weekend of fun back to work is a lot easier when you have a cute outfit waiting for you to wear to work on Monday morning. Since I work in an office with a casual dress code, jumpsuits are a fun choice. I’ve seen this La Vie Rebecca Taylor Wave Paisley Jumpsuit around online and wouldn’t ever be able to justify the cost for a piece that is really obvious when you re-wear it so renting it felt like an easy fix. Hopefully, you’ll feel a little bit less bummed that the weekend is over when wearing something as cute as this! 

I'd love to hear if you've used Rent the Runway for wedding season and if so, what's your favorite thing you've rented?

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