Monday, April 15, 2019

White Dress Round Up

After sharing this post last week, I had so many of y’all ask specifically for a roundup of white dresses. My guess is that you’re looking for these because either 1. You’re getting married or 2. You’re graduating and have to wear white. Otherwise, I feel like white dresses are very cute for summer but lately seem strictly reserved for brides. I hate that it has become a thing for brides to feel the need to wear white to every single wedding related event since it is far from practical since these dresses aren’t ones that you’ll necessarily be able to re-wear when celebrating the same milestone in friends’ lives. Maybe it’s just me being overly practical, but if I’m spending money on a cute dress, I definitely want to be able to wear it multiple times.

The only time I found myself really gravitating towards white dresses (aside from the cutest one you’ll see in Wednesday’s post) was for my high school graduation where we were required to wear white since the gowns we wore were white. Aside from that, it’s something I prefer in shirts or jeans due to versatility. Regardless of the reason you may be on the hunt for a white dress, I was able to come across a ton of cute options that I would definitely consider buying if all the events I have coming up weren’t related to other people’s weddings. Hopefully, you will find something that works for you in these picks too! 

To shop any of the dresses featured click on the item in the image below to be taken to where you can purchase the piece. Don't forget to check out yesterday's step into my week post here!

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