Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cute Rain Gear To Prepare For April Showers

After so much rain in February and at the beginning of April I’d be surprised if the sky had any left to give. Now that I’ve said that I am probably jinxing Birmingham with a month’s worth of rain which would at the very least line up with the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Although I would prefer to avoid the rain altogether, I know that’s impossible and instead should embrace it by stocking up on cute rain gear, right?

pink rain jacket here and here

One of the best purchases I made last year (included in my 2018 product favorites post) was a new rain jacket from J.Crew. While I love it for practicality’s sake, I also love that the pink color does a good job of brightening my day when I have to throw it on to stay dry. I know I can’t be alone in being bummed out by rainy days so, in order to help us all cope, I hunted high and low for the cutest rain gear to make it more bearable. 

I attempted to make a cute graphic of the items I found, but PowerPoint (which I use to make blog images, see details here) decided to log me out of my account. This would be fine and dandy except that I bought the program while I was a student, so it is connected to my college email address which I no longer have access to. All that to say, instead of an image to click on items to shop I’ve included them below in a less cute/organized fashion. Hopefully, that won’t stop you from browsing through some cute rain gear! 

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