Friday, April 5, 2019

Sunday Tasks for a Better Monday

I know what you’re probably thinking, it’s Friday, why on Earth would I bring Sunday up? I’m certainly not trying to wish away the weekend but figure I have your attention more today than I will then especially if you’re not feeling motivated to get ahead. 

When I was teaching, I would absolutely dread Sundays, so I have my fair share of experience when it comes to the Sunday scaries. I don’t get them so much anymore since I’ve found a better work/life balance, but there are still some things that I try to do on Sunday to make for a better Sunday and week ahead. While it may be overwhelming to try all of these at once this Sunday, maybe add one new task this week and add on until they all become a habit. I can’t say it’ll make your alarm going off on Monday morning any better, but hopefully, you’ll feel more prepared!

Go To The Store & Meal Prep
Maybe this isn’t the best to start with since I actually don’t like to go to the store on the same day I’m meal prepping, but that could just be a me thing. If I don’t like going to the store on the weekends when I have the most free time I’m not going to like going during the week after a day of work anymore. Usually, I’ll get my shopping done on Friday or Saturday so that Sunday afternoon I can turn on a podcast or audiobook and prep the two meals I plan to eat during the week. After I’m finished cooking I’m sure to go ahead and pack up a few lunches so that I can easily grab them in the morning. I also like to make sure that I’ve cleaned up entirely and started the dishwasher so that both of those things are fresh for the week to come. 

Tidy Up 
Are you the type of person that does laundry periodically throughout the week or are you the type with a laundry day? I am definitely the latter. It’s no secret that I have plenty of clothes (have you seen my closet tour? Not a minimalist) meaning that I can make it seven days without needing to do a load. I like to start my laundry most of the time before church on Sunday so that by the time the afternoon comes I can put it all away.

Beyond just laundry, Sunday is a great day to do general tidying up and cleaning. I find that my room is the cleanest it’s going to be for the week on Sunday night with everything put away where it goes, counters wiped down, and clutter out of site. A disorganized space is sure to stress me out so knowing that I’ll wake up on Monday with everything in its place is comforting. 

Look at Your Calendar
Knowing what I have going on in the week gives me time to prepare mentally. I like seeing deadlines, appointments, meetings, etc. written out so that I know “exactly” what to expect. After looking at these things I also like to make a general to-do list for the week. I break mine down daily in my planner (see that organization here) but having a running list tends to make for a much more productive Monday. 

Schedule Workouts & Time With Friends
Going along with looking at my calendar and knowing what to expect for the week, I also like to go ahead and schedule in my workouts and time with friends. When I did more structured workout classes, I would go in and sign up online for the class, but now that I go to a gym instead I like to write down working out in my planner. Both of these things make it so that I am less likely to skip a workout. Additionally, I like to schedule when I’m going to see friends. Since so many of my friends are in school and my roommate’s job requires her to work at night, usually this means weekend activities. Although my friend Macy and I never seem to be in town on the same weekends, so we tend to try to schedule working out together and sometimes schedule eating somewhere after that. I feel like doing this makes you more intentional with how you use your time while also giving you something to look forward to during the week. 

Lay Out Your Clothes & Pack Your Bag
Do I sound like your mom yet? I’m not someone who lays out their clothes every night before I go to bed, but on Sunday nights I am sure to as a way to help ease myself into the week. One thing I am sure to do though is pack my gym and work bags so that in the morning all I have to do is pick them up and take them to my car with me. So much of feeling prepared for the week is making your life easier on Monday morning and doing both of these things saves time meaning that hopefully you won’t be in too much of a rush and in turn will be in a better mood!

Get In Bed Early
I tell my friends that I don’t have a bedtime, but my phone does since that is often the culprit for why I stay awake later than I want to. Usually, my phone’s bedtime is 10:00, but I am going to try to start making it 9:15 or 9:30 on Sunday nights so that I have plenty of time to read before falling asleep. I tend to regret staying up too late on Sunday night, so by moving this bedtime forward, I am consciously trying to make sure that’s not the case. 

What else would you add to this list? 

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