Thursday, April 4, 2019

Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Despite being 24 I like to think that there will never be a day in which I am “too old” for an Easter basket. My parents are probably rolling their eyes or shaking their heads, but a girl can dream, right? My mom (parents really but I know my dad wasn’t hunting for any of these things unless my mom told him to order them from Amazon) put together a Valentine’s Day/Easter basket for me when we were at the beach for my half marathon since she wasn’t sure if she would see me prior to Easter. I ended up going to the beach and saw my family then and she’s actually coming to Birmingham for Easter so it may have been a bit premature to get a few prizes for the occasion at the beginning of March but as it’s known with gifts, it’s the thought that counts. My mom even asked me what I would want for the occasion and it wasn’t until responding with “a new hair brush” that I realized 1. I’m getting old and my priorities are changing and 2. Practical gifts are the best gifts for holiday’s like this. So, for any of you who have parents asking you what kinds of things you’d want in an Easter basket or for those of you looking for ideas I thought I’d share some of my best ideas. I kept them all on the lower end of the price spectrum since in my mind Eater baskets are usually filled with smaller items. And if you’re curious as to the best Easter basket gift I’ve ever gotten it is without a doubt this item that I’ve repurchased over and over again! 

Similar to yesterday, I am still working to get the program back that I make blog graphics on so hopefully you don't mind shopping the images in a non-curated image for another day.

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