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The Inns, Charleston (Where To Stay With A Group In Charleston, SC)

I’m probably going to jinx myself by saying this, but this week is going by pretty quickly! I am glad that Wednesday is here now since I have been looking forward to today’s post since packing up and leaving Charleston. As most of you know by now, I was in Charleston the second weekend of April for my friend Sophia’s bachelorette party. While I have two posts on that coming next week, I couldn’t hold out any longer on showing y’all where we stayed.

As maid of honor, I was tasked with most of the planning when it came to our Charleston weekend getaway. Fortunately, Sophia (the bride) and I are very similar, and I was able to figure out that if it fits my standards, it would likely live up to hers as well. Since there were five of us staying together, I discovered that a small Airbnb would be our best bet accommodation wise since it would be more cost effective for our small group (and having an odd number could make hotel room stays tricky). Charleston is full of cute Airbnbs to stay in, but we wanted something that had a good location, room for all of us to sleep comfortably without feeling on top of one another, and a pretty design. The Inns, Charleston became an easy pick. 

I had been following along with The Inns on Instagram and was actually supposed to visit last spring (sadly the timing wasn’t right), so I was ecstatic when I saw that they had availability the weekend and size we needed. We stayed in 154A which is set up as a two bedroom, one bathroom Airbnb. It’s inside of a gorgeous historic home (complete with a picturesque pink door) and has three other Airbnb rentals at the same location. If your group is larger, you can easily rent additional units and depending on which ones you pick, open up the doors between them to flow easily between each. 

I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when I walked into ours on Friday afternoon once I arrived in Charleston. Every single detail was so well thought out, and I found myself snapping countless pictures as I took it all in. It was also a lot larger than I had originally imagined with a long, narrow hallway (with the same fun animal print runner that you see on the stairs leading up to the upstairs unit) took you straight back to a wet bar situation (complete with a coffee maker, coffee pods, and creamer). This was perfect for us since we had planned to stay in on Friday night and had a place to keep our wine and cheese cold all weekend long.

To the right of the wet bar was the bathroom. Initially, I was a little bit concerned as to how one bathroom would work for five girls getting ready but fortunately there were multiple mirrors in each bedroom giving everyone plenty of space. The attention to detail seemed to get me every time, especially the subtle Inns embroidery on the towels! 




When you first walk in the door of the unit, the master bedroom is to the left and was more spacious than pictures did it justice. In addition to three girls sleeping in here (one on a king size air mattress that was provided), we treated this space as our “living room.” The front area has two comfy chairs and a bench, so it was easy for us to all make ourselves comfortable as we hung out and caught up on Friday night in this space. Both of the beds in our unit were king size and placed along a wall covered in wallpaper with fireplaces to the side. The art above the fireplaces and throughout the unit was beautiful and so very Charleston. We joked about taking it home with us, and as it turns out, it is available for purchase if you’re looking for a souvenir from your stay. 




The second bedroom (to the left of the wet bar at the end of the hallway) was a little bit smaller but still plenty spacious for the two of us staying in that room. Everyone raved about how comfortable the bed and pillows were the whole weekend. Outside of this bedroom was a small sitting room with a dresser that we ended up using as our storage room for food and party supplies. It was nice to have a place to put that when we weren’t using it, but I wish I would have remembered to take a picture since, like the rest of the space, it was beautifully designed.


My favorite part of The Inns was the long side porch that we had access to from both bedrooms. Porches seem quintessentially southern to me and the furniture and plants placed out there made it extra inviting. Since we were only a few blocks from King Street we didn’t spend a ton of time out there and found ourselves exploring Charleston more, but it felt like an added bonus to the unit and Sophia, and I spent time out there on Monday morning.

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Charleston seems to have become a travel hotspot so if you have a trip planned but haven’t booked a place to stay just yet I’d say the sooner, the better! If you’re interested in booking your stay at The Inns, you’ll find them here on Airbnb’s site and also on The Inns Charleston website here where you can see the other houses they've turned into Airbnbs too!

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