Thursday, April 25, 2019

Where To Stay In Charleston (Hotel Bella Grace)

When it comes to staying in hotels, I feel like there are two camps of people; those that love it and soak in every second or those that would much rather be in their own bed at home. As long as the hotel is pretty with a comfortable bed, I fall in the first camp. 

Growing up, especially in elementary school, it seemed like most weekends in the spring and fall were spent on the road staying in hotels since my brother and I both played club (travel) soccer. Sometimes that meant our family of four was heading to the same place planning to divide and conquer with different playing times and field locations and others it meant my mom and I headed to one out of town city and my brother and dad heading to another. We were traveling so frequently that staying in a hotel lost its magic (somehow Eloise always seemed to keep hers at the Plaza though…) that is unless our teams happened to all be staying in the same place at a cool hotel that I’m sure my parents were worried we would destroy. 

Since getting older and traveling less unless it means heading home to Fairhope, I’ve started to rediscover my love of staying in hotels in different cities. Staying at Hotel Bella Grace in Charleston, SC only confirmed this further. Toward the end of my visit to Charleston a couple of weeks ago, Sophia and I decided to make the most of our time together and opted to stay in Charleston two days past when her bachelorette weekend ended. Having lived together, I like to think we are really good travel companions often wanting to rest at the same time but having similar activities in mind when we’re ready to get up and go again. On the last night of our stay, we checked into Hotel Bella Grace which opened in August and were both floored by its beauty. 

Situated just a couple blocks off of King Street, the hotel was centrally located with a design that mixed historical Charleston with a bright, modern interior. Hotel Bella Grace is built in an L shape to the side and behind a historic Charleston home built in the 1830s also owned by the hotel called the Delaney House. Inside the Delaney House is a restaurant that is open to the public from 3-10 every day with complimentary breakfast for guests each morning. When I think of a hotel’s complimentary breakfast, I often think of a waffle maker and some cereal options, but since Hotel Bella Grace is a boutique hotel, they instead choose to offer a mimosa bar, made to order egg/omelet options, and delicious bakery items on top of the typical breakfast choices. To make it even better, you can eat inside or take your food to the porch with a beautiful view of Mother Emanuel AME Church.



After getting a taste of the history and architecture at the Delaney House walking into the lobby makes it seem like you are stepping into a different century. The lobby is warm and inviting with plenty of details that catch your eyes and make you want to linger even longer. Once you do make your way to the elevator and your room you’ll be greeted by an airy accommodation complete with the most comfortable bed, a sitting area, modern bathroom, and even a kitchenette (perfect for all those leftovers you’re bound to have from the delicious food you’ve ordered while in town). Everything about the room felt so crisp and almost New York like while still being the heart of the Holy City with all its southern charm. 

Once we arrived in our room and discovered plush robes waiting on us, it took everything in us to leave the room to head to our dinner reservation. As soon as we got back, however, the robes were back on, and we felt pampered soaking up every minute of our stay. 



If you’re heading to Charleston and are looking into which hotel to stay at look no further than Hotel Bella Grace with its central location, accommodating staff, and spacious suites! 

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