Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Long Prom or Formal Dresses

Want to hear a really embarrassing story? I unknowingly turned down being asked to prom and didn’t realize I did that until three weeks later. I still feel a little bit guilty about it to this day. In high school, I was the student who wouldn’t dare disrespect the teacher by talking to friends or browsing around online. I was a pencil and paper out ready to take notes kind of girl. If you needed my notes from class, I was your girl (nerd), but don’t try to chat with me about getting them during class. Some may think of that as being a teacher’s pet, but I like to classify it as studious. 

Rewind to senior year of high school in my advanced calculus class complete with five boys and two girls (I graduated with 52 which better explains the small class size). The other girl was absent, so it was my teacher and I and the guys that day. The boys in that class weren’t paying the closest attention and were whispering back and forth to one another while trying to distract me and convince our teacher we couldn’t learn new material since someone was absent. They certainly had a case of senioritis. One of them asked to borrow my calculator, and I handed it over quickly in order to get back to my note-taking. He typed prom on it and handed it back to which I probably sarcastically responded haha and got back to work. Are you cringing yet?

To make matters worse, he later did the same thing to my best friend, and when she was telling me about it, I laughed and told her he had done the same thing to me earlier. What makes it even worse is that I didn’t pick up on my mistake until much later when a different friend asked me how this boy had asked my friend to prom. I had gone to prom with him the year before which may just be me trying to justify not feeling too bad about it. A very embarrassed realization and a few apologies later I realized that no matter how hard you try it’s hard for there to prom without some sort of drama. My hope is that finding a dress isn’t one of them.

There seem to be a lot more options I like when it comes to long prom dresses now than there were when I was shopping for mine. I had a strict no sequin, no cutouts rule which made shopping a challenge. Now I could see myself wearing so many of these different options. 

If you're looking for short dresses, check out this post from yesterday and this one from a few weeks ago. To shop any of the dresses pictured click directly on the image in the graphic below to be taken to where it can be purchased. Today is a great day to pick up a new piece since Shopbop is having a 20% off sale and Bloomingdale's is having a 25% off sale that includes a $25 gift card with every $100 purchase for loyalists. 

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