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What To Get Any Guy For Christmas

I’m in a bit of disbelief that it is already time for holiday gift guides to start going live. I vividly remember working on my gift guide for guys last year on a Friday night in Starbucks last year that it just seems too soon. Based on y’alls responses to my Instagram posts a few weeks ago you were all very eager to start seeing gift guides as soon as possible. Personally, that kind of stressed me out since it takes me forever to do each one. It’s fun work, but it is definitely work. My goal with gift guides is always to provide you with fun ideas to inspire your shopping. In each guide, I try to include gifts that I could see myself actually giving to people on my list at a variety of different price points. 

I will confess that giving gifts is definitely one of my love languages. I adore shopping for the perfect thing to give someone that will take them by surprise, be something they genuinely enjoy and will show I put thought into it. That may explain why these take me so long! Since I do want to be transparent with y’all, as much as I love that these help you, shopping blogger’s gift guides also helps them. That means if you see something on a gift guide that I’ve posted and click on it and purchase the product I’ll receive a small commission on the item. While blogging isn’t my full-time job, having y’all shop these guides makes the time that goes into making them worthwhile. 

It seemed like the person that most people were struggling with when it came to shopping for gifts was guys which comes as no surprise to me. It makes me laugh when y’all want my input in this category though since the guys I shop for are most typically my dad, brother, and grandfather. When perusing tons of different sites to put together this first gift guide of 2018, I found tons of unique products that would be perfect for those guys but also friends, father or brother laws and more. Whether you’re shopping for someone outdoorsy, a grill master, or a child at heart, I think you’ll find gifts that go beyond what may first come to mind. 

One thing I’ve come to realize with guys though is that a lot of times practicality serves as the perfect present. My brother is totally okay with a new pair of socks, a pullover, or even a watch he can wear to work (all things I’ve given him in the past). Shockingly he was the first person I had something for this year, and while I need to add to it a bit, I honestly feel like the past few years I’ve nailed his gift meaning that hopefully, this gift guide will help you to feel that way about the guys you’re shopping for too!

I've tried to make it easy by making it so that you can click directly on the item in the image to shop. I've also included links and prices below as well as some great gifts I've given guys and my favorites from this roundup as well. 

loafers ($109) // sunglasses ($150) // cards against humanity ($25) // French press ($30)
air pods ($140) // rapid drink chiller ($30) // Barbour jacket ($400) // yeti cooler ($250)
breakfast sandwhich maker ($38) // vest ($90) // indoor golf mat ($70)  // dog breed art ($185)
leather wallet ($80) // yeti cup ($43) // fancy scrabble ($40) // bean boots ($155)
dopp kit ($55) // grey shirt ($40) // camera ($122) // nintendo ($60)
go pro ($174) // hat ($35) // true grit pullover ($135) // duffle ($95) // drone with camera ($65)
slippers ($47) // bottle opener ($22) // wireless speaker ($100)
tabletop skee ball ($29) // hugger/koozie ($30) // socks ($24) // navy and tan pullover ($89)

Last year's top gifts for guys were:
College Football Diagram // Truegrit Pullover // Drone with Camera // Daniel Wellington Watch // Yeti Cup

My top picks from this year's guide:

College Football Diagram: I think that this gift will remain one of my top picks for guys for years to come since it is personal and unique a combo that can be hard to find when shopping for guys. While it's on the pricier side, it's a piece that your guy will have forever and may give you an excuse to skip watching a game or two with him next season. If the guy you're shopping for isn't into college football, I also found the cutest dog breed version that would be a great gift too.

Stainless Steel French Press: For any coffee lover this is by far the most beautiful French Press I think I've ever seen. At $30 it's affordable and would be a practical gift that could be used time and time again. If you're looking to make it a bit nicer, gift it with an Ember Coffee Mug. If you haven't heard of these mugs before the SparkNotes version is that you can control the temperature of the coffee inside by using an app on your phone. While definitely not a necessity (I've heard microwaves do this wonderfully too) it's definitely a cool gadget to have on hand.

Wireless Headphones: At $70 these noise canceling, Bluetooth headphones sound nearly too good to be true. Fortunately, with plenty of positive reviews to back them, they seem like a very solid gift. If you're shopping for someone who is studying, traveling, or listening to music often, I think this would be a great buy.

Snoop Dog's Cookbook: From Crook to Cook: Honestly including this because I personally would like to hire Snoop Dog's creative team based on how stinking clever this is. Reading the title and synopsis of this book had me laughing so hard that I may have to purchase more than one of these for gifts. Anyone with a sense of humor would definitely find this to be a fun gift.

Tile Keychain: I'm sure that most of y'all wouldn't have to think too long before coming up with a guy who may be a little disorganized and in turn misplace his things. A Tile keychain (or three or four) would definitely help to ease his and maybe even your frustration when something is seemingly lost. This particular Tile is on sale currently and would even be a great add-on to another gift or stocking stuffer!

Best places to shop for guys:

To all of you trying to tackle the guys on your list, best of luck. I think my dad put it best when he said that everyone likes to have something they can play with on Christmas so if you're struggling to come up with something, maybe that advice helps! 

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