Monday, November 12, 2018

Step Into My Week

Today is a really exciting Monday considering it is my first vacation day of the year. Mind you the whole office has it off for Veteran’s Day, and it’s not just a me thing I am still taking full advantage. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll spend it, but I guess you’ll find out in next week’s Step Into My Week post. 

As with the past few weeks, work has been very busy. We had another binder to go through this past week as well as this week to make sure everything is good to go for it to be printed and shipped out. It’s also the peek time of the year for photoshoots since we try to do many of our seasonal spreads with authentic fall color meaning that stylists and photographers are booked up and have me helping out and running some errands for them. 

Monday I spent the whole day in the office which was nice and gave me a chance to work on some of my written pieces while also getting ahead on social planning for the month of November for our magazine. After work, I went to the Y and ran on the treadmill for a while before spending about 20 minutes stretching and then doing core/strength exercises. I came home and had the soup I had made on Sunday for dinner before watching The Bold Type before getting ready for bed. Tuesday was pretty similar to Monday except for having a meeting during the workday. After work, I went to the Y and then showered, ate dinner, watched another episode of The Bold Type and went to sleep.

Wednesday, I had an all-day photo shoot to be at which is always a fun event. I am at the point where I can’t even keep straight which shoot is for which issue, but I believe this one was for fall of next year. From my perspective, the photos turned out great and fit the story well. It was raining most of that day which somehow the photographer was able to work with beautifully. Instead of working out after work I decided to head straight home to put on pajamas, eat some soup, and watch Gilmore Girls. 


Thursday was a whirlwind of back and forth for work. I went in early that morning so that I could have some uninterrupted time at my desk working on different things before heading to a photoshoot to drop off a rocking chair for a stylist. I went back to the office so that I could attend a PR meeting which was one of my favorites yet and then headed to lunch at a new pizza place near the office with 12 of my co-workers. I met with a member of my team to talk about planning social media for the holidays before going back to the photo shoot to pick up the rocking chair I dropped off earlier. I took it back to the shop that was kind enough to let us borrow it and then went back to the office to finish up some work. After work, I went to the Y to work out before coming home. I think I was in bed by 9:00 and asleep well before 10:00 which still shocks me on occasion since that used to be a very rare bedtime for me. 

I started my Friday morning at Starbucks and then headed to work for what felt like a non-stop morning. I had a long to-do list and ended up staying past noon for almost an hour to make some more progress before officially starting my weekend. I went to Trader Joes after work before heading home to eat lunch and hang out before my haircut that afternoon. I went to Salon 43 One for my haircut and appreciated all of y’alls recommendations on Instagram. After the haircut, I came back to our house to get ready for dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was a surprise which was really fun, but there had to be lots of stalling since the restaurant we went to didn’t take reservations and took forever to get our table ready. Fortunately, it all worked out, and she was so surprised. The restaurant, La Paz, also had the best cheese dip I think I’ve ever had. That may have been because I was really hungry but that gives me an excuse to go back and try it again. After dinner, we went home, and Rebecca and I started planning out our friendsgiving dinner that will be happening this Thursday. 

Saturday morning, I woke up and worked on some blog photos and projects. I spent part of the afternoon doing some work for the magazine at the library before coming over to cook food and prepare for the friends that were coming over to watch the Auburn-Georgia game at our house that night. We made my favorite dip that my mom makes which is a hot swiss and bacon dip (what’s not to love with that combo) as well as buffalo chicken dip. Rebecca made a vegetable bean dip and some hot chocolate while I made the other dips and cider and I think everyone left with their stomachs packed full of a little bit of everything. It was cold outside but with plenty of blankets and all of us packed onto our porch furniture we somehow managed to stay outside the whole time to watch. 



Sunday morning, I woke up and had a slow morning before heading to church with Rebecca and her mom. I came home for lunch and put away some laundry before going with Rebecca to Church Street Coffee to work on this week’s posts and plan out content for the rest of the month. I feel like I have been a terrible blogger lately but am hoping that getting back into the routine of writing post text over the weekend will help me to get back on my A-game. After working at the coffee shop for a while, I decided to park in Mountain Brook Village and go for a walk along Jemison Trail. The leaves have been so vibrant and fall-esque here that it was the perfect place to walk while talking on the phone to catch up with family and friends. I came home and tidied up my closet (for a post this week!!) before showering and getting into pajamas for the night. I talked on the phone with Sophia for a while catching each other up on our lives which is always a day maker.

I hope that any of you that have today off enjoy it and that you have a great week!

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