Sunday, November 18, 2018

My Morning Routine

Happy Sunday friends. I feel so behind with blogging and am hoping to make up for that this week with lots of helpful blog posts as the holiday season kicks off. Today’s post is admittedly one I’ve been putting off for about a month now even though it is constantly requested by y’all. Since it’s my morning routine, there is nothing about it that seems the least bit interesting since it is just what I do every day. Alas, here it is anyway and hopefully y’all find it to be interesting!

5:20-5:30 Alarm Goes Off

I am not the best about waking up when my first alarm goes off. I tend to take it more as a suggestion than an urgent reminder that I have things I need to wake up and get done. If you were to scroll through all of the different alarms on my phone, I think it would be borderline concerning at the number and time frame increments that you’d see. One year for lent I even decided to make waking up on my first alarm my goal but clearly that routine didn’t become habitual. Once I get past the shock of the alarms and finally find motivation to get up I turn on my lamp and head to my bathroom to brush my teeth.

Get Ready

Next up in my routine is getting ready. I start by doing my hair (usually that means running a straightener through it) and then do my makeup. I have a relatively recent makeup routine post that you can read here if you’re looking for the products I use. I like getting this part of my morning routine out of the way before my first cup of coffee since it encourages me to just get it done and I’m usually still partially asleep as I go through the motions.

6:00 Get Cup of Coffee & Get Back in Bed

After I’ve gotten myself ready I stay in my pajamas and head to our kitchen to make a cup of coffee and some oatmeal. While occasionally I’ll choose a different breakfast, oatmeal has been my go-to for the past 10 months at least. If I am feeling really productive sometimes, I’ll make my lunch during this time, but most of the time I just stand in front of the microwave waiting for my oatmeal to finish. Once I have my oatmeal and coffee in hand I head back to my bed to enjoy each of them. I tend to give myself about 30 minutes to enjoy my breakfast and go through my morning routine in bed. If I’m in a hurry, this is typically skipped although I’d say it’s my favorite part of the morning so I’m fine with waking up early so that I can spend some time doing this. While eating my breakfast, I fill out my Five Minute Journal and read New Morning Mercies. I also like to read the daily devotional on the First 5 App. Usually doing these things doesn’t take the entire 30 minutes so any time before 6:30 is spent with me enjoy the last few minutes snuggled up in my bed scrolling through my phone. 

6:30 Make My Bed, Get Dressed, and Grab My Bags

Once I get out of my bed for good, I go ahead and make it so that the temptation to stay in it is lessened. Then I’ll get dressed in what I try to lay out the night before and make sure that my work and gym bags are fully packed and good to go. Sometimes I’ll turn on music while I do this but not always. I snap a picture of my outfit for Monday’s Step Into My Week post and turn out the lights. 

6:45 Make Lunch and Wash Breakfast Dishes

Around 6:45 I’ll venture back into the kitchen to wash my breakfast dishes and make myself lunch. I usually make the food I plan to eat for the week on Sunday, so I’ll typically have something in the fridge ready to go and just have to worry about packing up snacks and putting them into my lunch box. 

6:55 Second Cup of Coffee & Grab a Second Breakfast

Before leaving around 7:00 I’ll make myself a second cup of coffee for my 30-minute drive to work and typically will pack myself a second breakfast too. Sometimes that is a granola bar and other times I’ll put yogurt and granola in a cup if I’m especially hungry. Then it is time to load up my car and head to work. 

While my routine could definitely be more efficient, I have found that when I allow myself to start my day relaxed, I’m setting the tone for the rest of my day. I’d love to know whether you take your time in the morning or spend as long as possible in bed!

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