Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Step Into My Week

Coming back after a holiday is always hard especially when trying to keep track of what day it is and messing up my schedule and posting my Step Into My Week post on Tuesday instead of Monday isn’t helping with that either. However, since there were so many sales happening and I knew I needed to get my own Christmas list up before they ended it was worth the confusion to switch things around. 

Last week was really nice since I had a short week at work and was definitely excited to head out of town (for the first time aside from one night away in Auburn back in August) for the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know about y’all, but I love the couple of days before a trip when you’re so excited to head out of town, and you get excited about being able to pack and prepare. 

Our office was so quiet last week since most people took the full week off. I stayed put through our half day on Wednesday, and I think I was only one of four or so who did. I spent my time in the office preparing social media posts for while I would be out of the office and attempting to get ahead on what I could. Come Wednesday we were all (aka the 4 of us actually in the office) looking for something to fill our time. It was nice to be able to work uninterrupted and in a slower pace than it seems like we have been working the past few weeks. I expect another rush of busy before Christmas, but now that I have a very established routine, I’m not too worried. 

After work on Monday and Tuesday, I went to the Y and then on Tuesday night packed up so that I could leave straight from work. I also had a goal of getting all of my blog posts for the week done before heading out of town so that I wouldn’t have to work on them while I was with my family but that didn’t entirely happen (although I did make good progress). I put everything in my car Wednesday morning and decided to have my typical Starbucks Friday then since it was serving as my Friday. At noon I was out of the office and on my way to my grandparent’s house about 3 hours South of Birmingham. 

I was the first to arrive at their house and was able to eat dinner with them before the rest of my family arrived. My mom got in with Scout in tow around 6:30 and then my dad who picked up my brother and his fiancé from the airport got in a short while later. 

Thursday morning we got up, had breakfast, and hung out around my grandparent’s house before our big Thanksgiving meal. My brother and I were even able to knock out our Christmas card photo (with Scout of course) before indulging in lots of turkey and sides. After lunch, everyone took a nap while I tried to finalize some blog posts for the rest of the week/weekend. That afternoon a family friend stopped by with his family, and the festivities continued. My dad did want me to note that he and I played cornhole against my brother and his fiancé, Shannon, and we won, but at this point, I can’t even remember if that was Thursday of Friday.

Friday it was overcast, but we had plans to explore some new property of my grandparents and ended up finding the waterfall on the land. According to my grandfather we definitely didn’t take the most direct route and I’m sure there were moments when Shannon found it weird for us to be tromping through the woods wearing orange vests and hats in case there were any hunters around (she also probably thought that was a joke but any of y’all from the South know it’s not). Most of Friday afternoon was spent watching football and eating which was pretty characteristic of our break as a whole. 


Saturday my mom and I decided to go into town to see if any shops were open and wandered around a bit before coming back to the house. The main event on Saturday was the Iron Bowl which fortunately worked out in Alabama’s favor. My aunt, uncle, and cousin came over for that, and we ended our night by eating an appetizer type dinner outside on the patio before turning in for the night. 

Sunday morning, I woke up and packed my stuff in my car so that I could head back to Birmingham. I got back into town before lunch time and was able to go on a long run before heading to Trader Joes to stock up for the week. I was back from the store, showered, and in pajamas around 4:00 to start decorating our house for Christmas. Unfortunately, only one strand of lights made its way into the Christmas decoration box my mom brought me so as of right now only the bottom portion of our tree has lights. I’m planning to go to Target this week to get a few more boxes and see what other Christmas decorations catch my eye, but I’m ready for our house to look festive for the holiday season. 

I hope that y’all had a great holiday spent with family and friends!

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