Monday, November 5, 2018

Step Into My Week

I so hope that y'all enjoyed an extra hour of sleep yesterday and woke up feeling relatively energized today. I woke up before my alarm which was a nice change that I wish would stick around but know won't be the case for all that long. Maybe if I would go to bed a little bit earlier, I'd feel that way more often. 

This was another one of those weeks that went by pretty quickly. I'm suspecting that will be the case up until the year ends since when I look at my calendar, I only have two full weeks of work in November due to Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. I know being busy at work definitely contributes to time flying as well and this past week could definitely be considered busy.

Monday morning we celebrated Halloween at work with a breakfast social and pumpkin carving contest. While the whole thing only lasted about 35 minutes, it was a fun way to hang out with people from other departments that I don't see as often. I spent the afternoon working from my desk before having to take additional props to a photoshoot and returning some products afterward. I went straight to the Y to workout afterward before coming home. It's crazy to think that now that the time has changed I'll be spending pretty much all of my daylight hours at work. After the Y I warmed up the crockpot soup that I made last Sunday which was delicious and ended up being enough food to get me from Monday to Saturday.

Tuesday the business continued, and I worked on a number of different things for our March/April issue. I went to the Y after work again and after getting cleaned up and eating dinner opted to watch Gilmore Girls for a bit. Wednesday was a lot of the same aside from our company letting everyone leave at 3:00 for Halloween. I went straight from the office to try to get a flu shot (since who would be mean enough to make their kid get it on Halloween), and the line was much longer than I was willing to wait. I came home and relaxed until it was time to get ready for our Halloween plans. Nell, Rebecca, and I went over to my friend Macy's house for dinner and to pass out candy to the trick or treaters on her street. After dinner, we went to a Halloween party to continue enjoying the festivities. We were very last minute with our costumes but were able to pull together pieces to dress as party animals. I will say that getting a party hat to stay secure on top of a fuzzy onesie hood is a bit of a challenge. After the party, we came home and went straight to bed since we knew Thursday would be a long day if we didn't. 

shop this outfit (my attempt at dressing up as a cowgirl for Halloween)


My to-do list on Thursday was especially lengthy since the binder for our January/February issue was back. This was the first issue that I was involved in the entire process, so it felt good to see the "finished" product all mocked up. After work, we had Nell and her two roommates over for dinner. We served chili with different toppings and finished the meal with a box mix of blondies that my roommate made. Having a house has definitely inspired us to have people over more often, and this dinner was so easy that we will likely have to make it a normal occurrence. 

I started my Friday at Starbucks and was excited to get a reusable cup with my order! At work, I spent most of the day scheduling social posts to prepare for the week ahead. Afterwards, I came home (since we only work til noon on Friday), ate a bowl of soup, and took a nap. I don't always remember to enjoy the time I have off on Fridays which makes it especially nice when I do. Nell and I had planned to go to a True40 (barre) workout class that afternoon and then went to dinner with my roommate, a girl I work with, Nell, her roommates, her roommate's brother, and his roommate. I don't think we accounted for enough roommates joining, ha! I went home after dinner and fell asleep relatively early.

Saturday I had a slow morning and then went on a long walk with Rebecca, Nell, and one of her roommates. The weather was so nice out so instead of hanging out inside during the day I ran some errands and got my flu shot before our plans for the night. After eating dinner at home, Rebecca and I met up with one of her coworkers at Back 40 Brewery to watch the Alabama game. We left after the third quarter feeling confident in the score! 

Sunday I woke up refreshed and worked on stuff from my bed before heading to church. After church, I quickly went to Trader Joe's before going to a baby shower that afternoon. The baby shower was fun but once it was over it was already looking dark out. I changed and went for a quick walk while talking on the phone to my parents and spent the rest of the evening meal prepping, cleaning, and getting ready for the week ahead. 

I hope that y'all had an equally as wonderful week and weekend! 

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