Friday, December 1, 2017

Gift Guide: What To Give Any Guy On Your List (Over 50 Ideas)

One of my most clicked posts year round includes the Gift Guide I created last year for guys. This was a little comical to me since I do not feel like a pro when it comes to shopping for guys (I'll blame a lack of experience). In reality, I think shopping for guys is not something that comes naturally for most people so I've done my best to shop around to find some fool proof yet thoughtful gifts for any guy on your list. If those aren't sufficient enough I decided to go straight to the "experts" themselves, guys. I had three different guys send me a list of the best gifts they've received and if they had anything on their list for this year to send that my way as well. There was a common ground with everything sent my way though, practicality. This aligns perfectly with the best gifts I've received all being those items that I use most frequently. 

I do kind of feel bad for guys since I think most of their gifts end up being more practical than anything else. The good thing is apparently that is what they like. I tried to mix it up with practical gifts that still have a bit of fun mixed in! For guys being the hardest people to shop for I think that this is the gift guide with the most items yet. I sure hope it helps to save you some time when brainstorming what to get after an "I don't need anything" or "I don't know" response from any guys you're shopping for.

I linked the items below and also made it so that you can click on the item in the graphic to shop it! 

Some of the most shopped items I've shared from years past include:

Guy One's Picks:

on his list this year: Barbour Jacket // True Grit Pullover

Guy Two's Picks:

on his list this year: True Grit Pullover // fun socks // iPhone X

Guy Three's Picks:
These are my brother's picks, and I had to laugh at the fact that he included gifts from his childhood within his top picks. I didn't specify the parameters I was looking for that specifically when I asked which is why the Lego battleship set and Rescue Heroes Tower were included...

best gifts received: Nike ID track spikes // Daniel Wellington watch (that was from me!) // rescue heroes tower // trip to NCAA football/basketball games // drone // bike // Patagonia jacket (also from me!) // books // Lego battleship set // dress shoes 
on his list this year: Nothing as per usual
( I wish I knew what I was getting my brother this year since two of my previous gifts to him made the cut. Unfortunately I am at a total loss so can't be of any insight there. I'll probably find something from the first gift guide on the page to gift him. )

The guy's top picks received:

The guy's most wanted gifts:
True Grit Pullover (I actually have this version and LOVE it)

Best places to shop for guys:

And if you're looking to treat yourself to something, today Lilly Pulitzer has released another round of Swell bottles to shop. There are 3 really cute prints, and I wanted to make sure that y'all were aware of them going on sale before they sell out (because if you ask me they most certainly will). The perfect gift to put underneath the tree for yourself or any of your Lilly loving girlfriends.

I'd love to hear what you're giving the guys on your list this year!

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