Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday Spotlight: Greetabl

Getting mail (aside from bills) is one of my favorite things. We had the best mail team at Furman and given the amount of packages I receive from blogging it's not surprising that they knew me by name. They always seemed to love their job, so much so that one time it came up in conversation about why that may be the case and the one I was clossest to said he loved it so much because he got to feel like Santa Claus every time he handed someone their mail. I decided that was the best way of putting it and have a hard time not getting a tinge of Christmas morning excitement when opening a package. 

With this knowledge, I am sure it comes as no surprise that I enjoy sending mail to friends too. Whether giving or receiving I know it's going to be something extra special when a Greetabl arrives in the mail. It's the perfect reminder that good things come in small packages. For those of you who may have missed me raving about Greetabl in the past, it is an online one-stop-shop for creatively-curated gifts and greetings that are personalized, packaged, and sent in just a few clicks. I've sent these to celebrate friends getting into grad school, getting over a rough patch, and most recently celebrating being in the same city again. My first Greetabl came from my friend Sophia to celebrate my new job and was the sweetest way for her to show me that she was thinking of me. 

All of those occasssions are a different kind of celebration which is what makes the customization of a Greetabl so nice. You get to pick it all from the way the outside of your soon to be unfolded greetabl looks to the gift, pictures, and text contained inside so that it perfectly matches the occassion for sending. When sending one Nell's way when we both moved to Birmingham I cam across the cutest mini pinata that reminded me of one we had in our dorm room second semester of freshman year. Thoughtful touches like that make the personalization aspect of the box so much fun to design! 

The creators of Greetabl decided to close the gifting gap by creating this product so that you can send  the love without breaking the bank. All the Greetabl's I've made have cost about $20 but using this link you're able to get 15% off your order! It'll depend on what you put inside and how fast you need it to get there, but it's a nice alternative to pricey flowers when you want to show a far away friend you're thinking of them.


Stay tuned to my instagram (@prepinyourstep) this afternoon as I'll be doing a giveaway with Greetabl so that someone can win a $30 credit to create their own!

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