Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas + The Best Jeans I've Ever Owned (And They Are Under $30)

I get excited about Thanksgiving each year, but this year I am especially excited. I thought that having moved to Birmingham would make it so that I’d see my family more often since home is only a four-hour drive as opposed to eight hours but surprisingly that hasn’t been the case. I saw my mom when she came and visited in October but other than her, I haven’t seen my family since I came to Birmingham at the beginning of August. Time has certainly flown, but I am excited for us to all be reunited in a few short days at my grandparent’s house which we call The Farm. With a name like that you can probably imagine that I won’t be packing the fanciest of clothes for my Thanksgiving “break.” Since I’m sure I’m not alone in trying to brainstorm comfy, cute, and practical outfits for Thanksgiving, I thought it could be fun for me to share some ideas of what to wear to inspire your own packing and/or outfit planning. 

We always do a late lunch for Thanksgiving, and it depends on the year whether I’m confined to the kid's table or if we all eat at one long table. This year it will be my immediate family, my grandparents, and my brother’s fiancé so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there isn’t a kids table since I’m pretty sure I’d be eating there solo (no pressure Grann). 

With a relatively small gathering, there’s no need to get super dressy, and I’ll typically grab my comfiest (i.e., stretchiest) pair of jeans as the staple for my outfit. If you look into purchasing one singular pair of jeans for the rest of your life (yep, I’m this passionate about this brand of jeans) make it 1822 Denim’s Butter High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans. I had never heard of this brand until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer and decided to test out their Donna and Rinse wash pairs and have been hooked ever since. I’m pretty picky about jeans and have tried everything from designer to Old Navy and can honestly say these beat them all. They are currently on sale for $30 and run true to size with plenty of stretch which is why they will undoubtedly be what I wear for our Thanksgiving meal (no unbuttoning needed). 

Since I know that some of you go a bit dressier I've included a couple more formal options as well. Although I've linked the products worn, many of these pieces are probably similar to something you may have in your closet already. 

sweater (wearing M) // vest (wearing S) // jeans in Donna wash (wearing 27) // tortoise earrings // Barrington tote in Axis print // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar)

dress (wearing M, also comes in burnt orange) // green bag // hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar)

top // vest/dress (wearing S, could've gone with an XS) // jeans in Donna wash (wearing 27) // green bag // booties (TTS, my favorite booties I own) // hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar)

burnt orange sweater (wearing M) // skirt (wearing 2) // booties // hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar)

black OTS top (wearing small, also available in dark teal) // jeans in Donna wash (wearing 27) // tassel earrings // (not pictured) black OTK boots

black turtleneck (wearing S) // vest/dress (wearing S, could've gone with an XS) // booties // black and white tortoise earrings // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar)

grid sweater (similar here) // jeans in Donna wash (wearing 27) // tote // hoops 

burnt orange sweater (wearing M) // jeans in Donna wash (wearing 27) // tortoise earrings // Barrington tote in Axis print // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar)

I'd love to know what you're planning to wear for Thanksgiving. So far I have lots of cozy sweaters packed and will probably reach for one of them!

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