Monday, November 26, 2018

My Christmas (and birthday) Wish List

I'm excited to clue y'all in on a little secret, Santa reads my blog. My Santa does at least. And my Santa even told me that my Christmas list was due today. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that so many websites are having great sales today (see my favorite sale finds in this post). 

I am sure I wasn't alone when it came to having family members ask you what you want for Christmas while at home for Thanksgiving. My parents certainly kept asking for a list which can be a challenge for me since I have to come up with items to fill a Christmas and birthday list. While there are always plenty of things I want, it can be hard to figure out what to ask for during the holiday season. As I've gotten older, my lists have definitely gotten smaller, but the items on the list seem to only increase in price. For the most part, this year's list sticks to that trend. I've even given those shopping my list some choices for items which will hopefully mean there is still a sense of surprise come Christmas morning.

Recipe Box and Extra Cards
You know you’re growing up when you want a place to organize your favorite recipes. I don’t know about y’all but when I am cooking, I don’t necessarily want my computer on the kitchen counter to try to read the recipe from. I am definitely a physical copy type of person but know that a hodge podge of printed recipes would drive me crazy. A pretty, organized recipe box seems like the perfect solution. The box comes with some cards and organizers, but I know that having an extra set on hand would be convenient as I discover more meals that I enjoy making. 

Tangled Up In Blue Ring // Size 7
We all know by now that I am a big fan of any shade of blue. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for unique rings to wear everyday and finally came across one I adore. Enter Croghan Jeweler’s Gold Bug Collection. Although they are based in Charleston and the bugs on their jewelry are representative of that area, I think this ring would be a sweet everyday piece to remind me of my time in South Carolina. What is particularly unique about this ring is that it can also be worn as a necklace by adding a chain and moving the band. Two pieces in one sounds like a win to me. 

Mark and Graham Carry on Luggage Navy // Monogram in Diamond Shape in White // 25% off + Free Shipping today with code FRIENDS
Last year I received the checked version of this suitcase and it has already served me well. With more travel on the horizon this year for friend’s weddings the carry on version seems like a practical wish list item. Although there are a number of different colors offered, I’d want mine to match which means Navy with a diamond monogram in white would be ideal. 

BHM Hat in Pink or Navy // 40% off today with code CYBERSALE40
Birmingham has definitely begun to feel like my home base and because of that I’ve loved discovering brands local to the area. Aviate is the brand that puts airport codes on hats and shirts and is based out of Birmingham. I’d love one of their hats in either navy or pink (I don’t really have a preference) to support this local brand while also adding to my seemingly non-existent hat collection.

Skinny Taste One and Done Cookbook
Here we are with the kitchen supplies again. In the same vain of the recipe box, I think a cookbook is hard to beat. I’ve tried some of the recipes from the Skinnytaste blog and really enjoyed them and immediately added this cookbook to my list when I realized it only requires one pot or pan. I can be a bit lazy when it comes to making food on weeknights and am all for being able to only dirty up one item making this cookbook seem like the perfect companion for my cooking needs. 

Ember Heat Control Mug
I specifically told my brother I wanted one of these a while back to which he responded that he was going to get his fiancé one. That definitely left me feeling a bit slighted but hopefully the subtle reminders over Thanksgiving worked and I’ll be able to keep my coffee warm without having to chug it thanks to this mug. This would be a great gift to give that person on your list that may seem to have everything since it is unique but still useful for any coffee lover. 

My first choice would be J.Crew's Chateau Parka in Italian Stadium-Cloth Wool (size 4) in Heather French Purple (on sale today for $183 with code CYBER) but if that one remains sold out I also would love to have J.Crew Factory's City Coat (size 4) in deep emerald (on sale today for $98). While I definitely have a collection of jackets in my closet, I don’t really have a fun everyday coat that I can wear. I have a plain black one but that doesn’t do much for an outfit and in the winter when it is already grey outside, I tend to want something brighter. Both of these options are adorable but I particularly love the purple and green colors of these coats (how fun is the fur on the purple one that can be removed and added back on for a different look?). If you’re in the same boat as me in noticing that the cute purple one is sold out of your size now may be a good time to remind Santa that you can call the company and they can track them down in store too ;).

Origins Feel Good Hug Bedtime Body Wrap
It’s no secret that I love my new job but the only downside is that I am on the computer at my desk a lot which leaves my shoulders and neck tense at the end of some days. This has been a good reminder to me personally to pay better attention to my posture but even that sometimes doesn’t help. When I saw this origins feel good hug bedtime body wrap I figured that could do just the trick in helping to relax my muscles at the end of the day. What I really like about this one is that it can be microwaved, it has a relaxing scent and its not shaped like your neck meaning that it could be used for other things as well. I’m thinking it would be a great, cheaper option than a massage!

And in case Santa needs a few other ideas for me, I'd love more food storage containers, a new book  I've been wanting to read, eyelash serum, a new five-minute journal, or air pods.

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