Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Workout Routine

Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend and were able to get plenty of rest for the week ahead. I know I'll need it as I am overnight babysitting until Wednesday and will certainly need all of the energy I can get. Aside from coffee my favorite way to feel more energized is by working out. I am fortunate enough to be one of those people who genuinely enjoys working out (although I do sometimes have days where it's not at the top of my list of things to do) and have always been relatively athletic.

In high school I always had a sport going on jumping from cross country in the fall to a long season of soccer in the spring. Getting used to workouts from those sports has probably helped me to better incorporate working out into my daily routine. While it's great that working out can keep your body toned the energy and positive attitude I gain from working out definitely surpasses the physical benefits. I have had so many requests from y'all to share my summer workout routine and I am excited to finally publish it on the blog. Keep in mind that I am by no means an expert when it comes to working out and that this is just a general outline of the activities I enjoy and not a schedule of what I do each day. Each persons workouts will be different and need to be modified to fit their needs so please don't feel the need to follow this in order to workout and instead take it as inspiration! 

In the graphic below you'll find some of the various exercises that I enjoy doing. Barre classes are definitely my favorite however without a Barre 3 in my hometown I've resorted to some other options to fill my time and get my heart rate up. 

I would love to hear what your favorite types of workouts are or if any of our exercises overlap! 


  1. My college has Barre classes every week and there's always a waiting list to even attempt to get in. Can't wait to start up again when I'm back on campus in a few weeks!

    xoxo, Veronica

  2. I just switched gyms so I am kind of in limbo finding what workouts are for me! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Loved reading this! I just started doing Pure Barre this summer and I love it!


  4. Thanks for sharing! Check out Pop Sugar's website for online barre type workouts!


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