Friday, July 22, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Open to Public! My Wish List + Outfit Inspiration

Ahh it's here it is finally here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to all and the first day is always the most fun one to shop since Nordstrom often re-stocks the items it gives everyone a fairer chance to sport these amazing fall pieces at sale prices. I thought that a fun way to help narrow down some of the items featured in the sale (I've done it by category already in this post and it's definitely worth checking out as is the post I did about products I own and adore from the sale) by showing y'all my wish list as well as some outfit inspiration. 

While a lot of my wish list has sold out during the sale's Early Access I am not discouraged since it isn't uncommon for Nordstrom to re-stock throughout the sale and even though these pieces may not be available in my desired color or size there are so so many pieces in this sale that have ended up in my shopping cart. With that said my wish list is ever growing and I think everyones bank account will be happy when this sale ends on August 8th. I highly recommend not getting too wrapped up in the sale however since it's most important that if you decide to stock up that you purchase pieces you'll actually be wearing instead of things you imagine yourself wearing but wind up with their tags on them taking up room in your closet. So without boring you with the nitty gritty of details here are some of the items that have made it onto my constantly expanding wish list and why these pieces caught my eye! 

Now that you've gotten a taste of what items I'd love to add to my closet I've created some fun outfit inspiration to help inspire your shopping (and purchases) while also helping you brainstorm how you can wear some of these different items! Again, if you haven't seen my category by category round up that is the best way for you to get a taste of the yes items offered in each realm of the sale while these outfit inspirations mix up those different categories into completely on sale ensembles. To shop the items in each of the images all you need to do is scroll beneath the image and find my description of the product and click to be taken directly to the product without having to scroll through the endless amounts of items offered in the sale. 

Happy Camper
The perfect amount of edgy and playful! I've always been more of a brown accessory kind of girl but this sale has me lusting over some of the great black accessories included! 

Sweet Dreams
Nothing screams comfort like a quirky nightgown, the softest robe and slippers, and a bit of TLC including a nice face washing brush and a plethora of plenty nail polishes. This is my ideal outfit pretty much any time of the day regardless of the fact that it's not always acceptable! 

This is an outfit I could see myself wearing all fall and winter and that cape may just be one of my favorites from the sale. Paired with great basic pieces in neutral tones the style of the cape is able to speak for itself creating a flirty silhouette that has me automatically adding it to my cart! 

Everyday Fall
The perfect outfit to wear all day running errands or transition to nighttime fall fun. This sale is perfect for rocking up on wardrobe basics like these that can be added into different outfits in order to create an entirely different look. If you're in need of a good pair of riding boots then this sale has you covered but shop them soon as they are often one of the first things to sell out!

jeans // boots (I'm shocked these haven't sold out yet) // sweater // necklace // bag (under $40) // watch

Those are all the outfits I have for now but continue to check back as I find more pieces worthy of sharing with y'all! I'd love to know what is at the top of your wish list from the sale or what pieces you've already bit the bullet on! Happy Friday and Happy Shopping! 


  1. I love the items on your wishlist- so cute! The outfit idea is so cute, I haven't seen anyone do that yet!


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