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Dorm Closet Organization With Bed Bath & Beyond

This post was created in partnership with Bed, Bath, and Beyond, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Prep In Your Step possible! 

I can not believe that I'll be heading back to school in a few short weeks. This summer absolutely flew by and I am thankful that this isn't my first trip through the park when it comes to heading back to college otherwise I am sure I'd be overwhelmed with the list of things I have left to do. The process has certainly gotten easier with time and with my growing understanding of how I like everything organized and where I can stock up on everything I might need when it comes to college essentials. 

Before heading off for freshmen year I remember the excitement of shopping for items to use in my dorm room and little did I know that the items I picked out that year would be products I'd still be using three years later. One of the best gifts I received was a generous gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond where I excitedly grabbed a cart knowing that they would have anything I could need on my list and that a basket would not be large enough to hold it all! Three years later and I still rely on BedBath & Beyond's wide selection of college essentials that make shopping for back to school so easy and enjoyable.

While I adore all of the bedding and decor offered the plethora of products they offer for storage and organization may just be my favorites. I thought that it would be so fun to share some of my tips for dorm closet organization with y'all since all of the items I purchased for my dorm room freshman year were from Bed Bath & Beyond and functioned perfectly in the tight space that year and are all products I've continued to use even as my closet space has thankfully grown a bit! 

Dorm room spaces often aren't very spacious at all. More often than not you'll be expected to store your clothes in the tiniest and darkest area of your dorm room and may even have to share that space with your roommate. If you're lucky that may not be the case but regardless of the circumstances Slimline Hangers will quickly become your best friend. I purchased these Real Simple ones from Bed Bath & Beyond before my freshman year and have continued to add products from the line since I've loved those so much all this time. I was so excited to see that this set of 50 (the exact same set I owned) is still available as it is the perfect space saver in tiny dorm closets. While wood hangers may look prettier and plastic hangers may seem more affordable in the long run the space you save with these is completely worth it in the long run plus I have a feeling these hangers will last through many different closets with me thanks to their durability! 


In addition to the traditional slimline hangers I purchased another great space saving option for your dorm room closet is Real Simple's Slimline Pants Hanger. This product is made to hold 5 different pairs of pants while taking up the space of a single hanger, talk about a win! Pants can be kind to tricky since for the most part it isn't a big deal to fold them and keep them on a shelf instead of wasting a lot of space by putting a single pair per hanger and this hanger makes it so that you save shelf and closet space by hanging them on a single hanger. At school I have one of these for blue jeans and nicer leggings and another one for colored pants which makes finding bottoms to wear super easy each day even in a tiny dorm closet. 


Skirts are another item in your closet that can take up an unnecessary amount of space and get wrinkled all too easily and I promise you ironing or steaming your clothes isn't something you'll be willing to spend a lot of time doing with a busy college schedule. I used to be in the habit of weighing down a single hanger by draping skirt after skirt on top of one another creating a bulky and heavy item that didn't fit well or look organized in my closet. A solution I've found to that over time are these Real Simple Hanger Clips that attach to the Slimline Hangers I already owned! You can easily attach two of these to one of your hangers creating the perfect space to hang a skirt or two wrinkle free without taking up too much space! 


Now that we've touched on utilizing the closet bar space we have with Real Simple's Streamline Hangers I have one more product that I have to recommend in order to help y'all save space in your dorm room closet. If you're like most girls then chances are you definitely own more than enough shoes. While having options is wonderful shoes take up a lot of valuable space especially when it comes to storing them in the closet. If your dorm room closet has a real and sturdy door I can not recommend a using a shoe hanger enough. You likely wouldn't be using the space behind the door for anything else and this particular shoe hanger by Real Simple matches the hangers I own and has 24 pockets which helps to get all of my shoes out of a cluttered mess on the floor to an organized and space saving spot behind the door. I started using this shoe hanger last year and was amazed at how much weight it could hold and how sturdy it is. 


In addition to these great products I am including some of my favorite bedding items below for y'al to shop if you're looking to decorate your dorm room or even spruce up another room in your house. But, before I do that I wanted to make sure y'all are aware of a couple of amazing services Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers to its shoppers. Because a lot of you may be driving to school I am going to go ahead and warn you now about how quickly you can fill your car before even attempting to put your dorm decor in the car. Bed Bath & Beyond understands this and offers two great options for their shoppers including their Pack & Hold free in-store service and their Shop Now, Ship Later Service. 

The Pack & Hold option aims to help students and parents easily get their stuff to college. You are able to shop for items at a store near your home and conveniently pick them up at a location closer to campus. If you're traveling far from home (like I did) this is a great option as many college towns have a Bed Bath & Beyond located conveniently close to campus. 

Another similar option is their Shop Now, Ship Later Service for those of you who have gotten your shopping done early. You can shop online for everything you need and select a ship date as you're checking out. All you have to do when using this service is to 1. Shop on Bed Bath & Beyond's Shop College Tab 2. Select Shop Now, Ship Later under the shipping options and choose a ship date while checking out and then 3. Bed Bath & Beyond will ship to the address provided when they're ready. This means you can ship them straight to your campus mailing address and pick them up on move in day! Also if you sign up for their college emails and special offers, first time email subscribers get a 20% off a single item email to use in store! 

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