Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Make Starbucks Iced Vanilla Coffee At Home

During my junior year my love (and dependence) of coffee definitely increased. The keurig in our apartment quickly became my best friend in the morning and an afternoon acquaintance as well. There were few days where I didn't have at least one cup of coffee and while I love hot coffee for the past few months I've loved mixing that up by adding iced coffee into the rotation. My favorite type of iced coffee is Starbucks Iced Coffee with Vanilla and a little bit of cream. Unfortunately though getting Starbucks every time I wanted a cup of coffee would be very expensive (even though that combo is about $2.80 for a grande) so I decided to set out to make my own! 

In reality it wasn't too hard to recreate this Starbucks favorite especially since Starbucks sells their unsweetened iced coffee at the grocery store. I purchased mine at Publix but have seen it at Target and other grocery stores as well. You'll also need some of Starbuck's Vanilla Syrup which you can buy either at Starbucks or in a more personalized size bottle at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Lastly, you'll need a coffee mug (you can get mine here), ice, and whatever milk (or cream) you like to use to take a little of the bite out of the coffee (I used 2%).

What You'll Need:

Starbucks Unsweetened Iced Coffee
Starbucks Vanilla Syrup
Milk or Cream of Your Choice

How To Make It:

1. Start by putting some ice in your mug or tervis. The more ice you put in it the more of a possibility there is to dilute the coffee (unless you drink yours in a few sips like me) so you may want to put a little extra vanilla syrup in it.

2. Put 2 or 3 pumps of Starbucks Vanilla Syrup into your mug. Remember that you can always add more syrup later if the flavor isn't as strong as you'd like it to be at the end. 

3. Pour some Starbucks Unsweetened Ice Coffee into your mug leaving a bit of room for milk to be stirred without spilling.

4. If you like to take some of the bite away from the iced coffee add a bit of milk or cream to your cup! At home I use 2% milk but if I go to Starbucks I usually get cream.

5. Stir, sip, and add more of any ingredient to make it exactly how you'd like it! 

I created this video for y'all to show you exactly how I make mine. I had so much fun making it for you and hope that you enjoy!

If you have any recipes for your favorite iced coffee or Starbucks Copycat Recipe definitely let me know! We are halfway through the week and only two days away from public access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! IF you haven't seen my posts about the sale find them here (keep scrolling because there is more than one!)!


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