Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blogger Bloopers

I thought this post could be a really funny way to be super transparent with y'all. Hopefully you've noticed and enjoyed more of the fashion posts I've been creating for y'all lately (you can stay up to date with them with the label titled "outfits" found on the side bar!). With those 7-10 photos that you see come A LOT that you don't. Whether I am fixing my hair, talking to Nell (the photographer behind most of the shots), or doing something else goofy the outtakes of these shoots leave me questioning why y'all may think I have my life as put together as the outfits I'm wearing. This is certainly not the case and to prove that I am sharing some funny outtakes with you. Hopefully from these you will better be able to see just how goofy I am in real life and how unrealistic it is that each shot taken turns out blog worthy.

The outfit post where you can shop all of these looks is included above the outtake photographs for your convenience in referencing what exactly I wore.




So just remember, for every one good photo you see there are probably five others that didn't make the cut due to wardrobe malfunctions, double chins, and Nell's direction taking a funny turn for the worst (i.e. finger squishing background people/things).


  1. These posts are always so fun!!
    xo, Syd

  2. This was such a great idea! I know at least 70% of my outfit photos are bloopers, but people only ever see the good 30%.

    Emma // The Beauty Ingenue

  3. I absolutely love when bloggers share these bloopers photos! It reminds me that they're just people too :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  4. What a cute idea!! I love this and the photos definitely made me laugh. :)


  5. This is hilarious! I literally couldn't even tell you many bloopers I take per shoot (way too many!)!!


  6. I love blog bloopers posts, probably because my own outfit shoots produce way too many bloopers!


  7. I always get a kick out of blogger bloopers. It always seems so raw! I'm glad you shared these!



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