Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Night Routine

After sharing my morning routine with y'all a few weeks ago I figured it was about time to share its night time counterpart with you. There were also a lot of requests from y'all so that was great encouragement as well. If you haven't seen my morning routine (it includes a video) or my daily schedule that would be a good place to start as it shows y'all a little more about my schedule if that's something you're interested in. 

I'll start my night routine with when I get home from work since that's usually around 5:00. After that I grab a snack (some almonds or a scoop of peanut butter are my favorite) and head upstairs to set my bag down and change to go for a run. It's still super hot at that time when I am running but fortunately there is usually a little bit of a breeze from the bay. When I get back I am usually very sweaty and head straight to the shower but not without stopping to remove my makeup first. Ideally I would remove it before heading out but most of the time I forget so I settle for taking it off after. For eye makeup I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover using a cotton round and then follow up with Bare Mineral's Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil. Using these two things may sound contradictory with one focusing on avoiding oil and the other obsessing over it but they both do a great job of cleaning my skin and making it feel fresh.

As for shampoo and conditioner lately I've been using Organix's Hydrate and De-Frizz duo. I usually wash my hair right when I get in the shower and rinse it and then apply conditioner and leave it in until I'm just about to get out of the shower. 

For face wash I like to use both of the ones from the photo above made by St. Ives. I start with the apricot scrub putting a dot of it onto my hand and then rub it onto my face in order to exfoliate. Next, I take St. Ives Even and Bright scrub and put some on my Clarasonic MIA. I love my Clarasonic MIA and have had it since high school. Whenever I stop using it for a while and start back I always notice a difference in my skin.

Once I get out of the shower and dry off a bit I brush through my hair and put some Marula Oil on the ends before drying it with a towel. While I am waiting for it to dry a bit I use First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream (the larger container in the photo above) to moisturize my skin and about twice a week will use First Aid's Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask right before bed for even more skin hydration! 

Now it's time to do something about my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and when not dried at all you never know what you'll get however, recently I taught myself how to blow dry my hair so that it is perfectly manageable after just blow drying it. Using a large round brush and a hair dryer with a cap on the end I've discovered how to make it smooth, less frizzy, and even pretty straight just after blowing it dry! You'll see I have included a video of my night routine at the bottom of this post and in that you can see my technique (if you can call it that) when blowing my hair dry.

By now it is time to put on some pajamas and head downstairs to eat dinner with my family. Usually after we eat dinner we will sit down together in the living room and watch a show together before I head upstairs typically between 8:30 and 9:00. Since I nanny during the day I do most of my blogging before work and at night. Fortunately, college has taught me how to work well in the evening and I tend to turn down my bed, take my agenda, notebook, and computer out of my work tote, and hop in bed. 

After finishing up blog related tasks I move my computer, planner, etc to my bedside table and head to my bathroom to brush my teeth before getting back in bed to read. I am currently re-reading Harry Potter and usually read a chapter or two before putting some Vaseline on my lips and turning out the lights to go to bed. 

That is a typical summer night for me and is infinitely more relaxing than my nighttime routine while at school! As I mentioned earlier in this post I made it so you'd be able to go through my nighttime sequence with me by creating a video for y'all to watch! You can find it below or by visiting my youtube channel here.

* dress I am wearing in the video available here.

I'd love to know if y'alls evening routine is similar to mine or if there is any sort of overlap between ours! 


  1. Loved the video, you did a great job on capturing everything!
    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

  2. I love reading the overview. My night time routine is pretty similar.

  3. Your post is useful for many person.. keep it up..

  4. Hey Dorothy! What is the black planner you have? I also use a day designer like yours but in the dalmation-ish print. Starting law school in the fall and hoping to find something smaller and easier to tote around.


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