Saturday, July 2, 2016

Step Into My Month

It has been a little while since I shared my last Step Into My Week post and that's because in the summer I don't always have exciting things or photos to document each week. I tend to save this series for the school year but thought doing it as an extra post could be a fun way to share some of the things I've been up to this summer. 

I hope y'all are all enjoying this holiday weekend, I know I certainly am. A lot of time in the sun and finishing up working on content to go live in the coming weeks before heading to D.C. on Wednesday is the perfect balance of work and play. Speaking of D.C please leave me any recommendations of things to do there as I really want to make the most of my trip and only have a few things on my itinerary thus far. 

As for what I've been up to … this month started with a fun weekend excursion to my friend Nell's beach house. Earlier that day we went blackberry and blueberry picking and then we packed up and headed for a weekend in the sun. We spent countless hours lounging in the sun and floating around in the pool and even got two fun boat rides in. It was the perfect impromptu weekend and we were able to start checking somethings off of our best friend summer bucket list (I'll do a post on that later this summer).

The following weekend I was off to visit my best friend Kate at Auburn to celebrate her 21st birthday. Kate has been one of my best friends since first grade so it was really fun to celebrate another milestone with her. Before I left I baked her a delicious Sweet Potato Cake and grabbed a bottle of champagne because a good house guest never arrives empty handed especially when celebrating a birthday! 

We spent most of the weekend catching each other up on life lately, crafting (we painted and made our own jewelry), eating, and celebrating. It was such a fun trip and I really enjoyed exploring another college town even though it was summer. 



The past few weeks have mainly been filled with nannying and the occasional outing but for the most part none of my friends are home this summer which is kind of a bummer. I used to always be the one who was gone during the summers so now when I am actually home it is weird that none of my friends are but it has been a great opportunity for me to really dive headfirst into blogging. I'm not sure I've ever been as proud of my blog as I have been this summer and lately I've been so inspired to post all sorts of different content for y'all.

This past weekend Nell and I decided to check another thing off our summer list and went to a baseball game for our local minor league team. Sadly the game was not that well attended but that allowed us to get great seats and I really enjoyed watching the game. Baseball/ softball was never something I played growing up so I wasn't sure how entertained I'd be but I would go to another game in a heart beat. Our team ended up losing but not without a fight as the game lasted eleven innings.
That's all I can think of currently that I've been up to but I would love to know what the highlights of y'alls month was! 


  1. You should definitely check out the Wonder exhibit at the Renwick while you're in DC. Momofuku is also a great place to grab food (especially desserts) and the Air and Space Museum is always worth a visit!

  2. I live near D.C. and go in pretty frequently! Definitely check out Georgetown if you get the chance. There's great shopping and food (esp. Baked and Wired for cupcakes/coffee and Farmers Fishers Bakers for brunch or lunch), and all of the buildings are adorable! Georgetown Cupcakes is overrated, in my opinion, and the line is always super long, so I say skip it. Another must-see is the Tidal Basin. There are a ton of really cool monuments all around it. I recommend walking the perimeter to see the sites, but it's also fun to rent a paddle boat and hang out in the middle. Pro-tip for monuments: check them out at night! They're extra beautiful all lit up, and there will always be less tourists there than during the day. You also can't miss the Smithsonian museums. My personal favorites are the Natural History Museum, National Museum of the American Indian (eat there!!), and the Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum, but the Renwick Gallery has been on everyone's instas ever since it was renovated last summer. The National Zoo is also great. Smithsonians are all free, so don't feel bad about museum hopping! The International Spy Museum isn't free, but it's well worth it if you have the time. I haven't personally been to the Eastern Market yet, but everyone who goes loves it. It's basically a farmer's market meets art fair. Very cool stuff for sale, and cheap but quality hot food! If you're looking for a classy dinner spot, Old Ebbitt Grill has tons of history and pretty good food, but it's on the expensive side. It's close ish to the White House, if you plan on stopping by there. Matchbox is great, as are Founding Farmers and Ted's Bulletin. Going into the Senate Gallery takes a little bit of effort because you have to get a pass from the office of your Senator or Rep, but it's super interesting if you get the chance. Hope that was helpful! Have a great trip and a happy Fourth :)

  3. Hi! I live right outside D.C. and it's a great place to visit. I would definitely recommend everything said above (especially the Smithsonian museums! My personal favorite is the Natural History Museum). Definitely visit the Renwick, but the Hirshorn Art Museum has a bunch of cool exhibits going on too if you're passing by. If you don't mind paying, the International Spy Museum is the bomb, and so is Madame Tussaude's Wax Museum. Georgetown is great for shopping too! The National Mall (not actually a mall more like an open green space) is a great spot to picnic and it's within walking distance of all the museums. Have fun while you're here!

    Emma //

  4. I love these update posts! How fun that you were in Auburn, that's super close to my hometown-I would love to know where you got that necklace/or a DIY if that was one of the pieces that you made, it's so cute!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  5. Navy Yard area is a hidden gem in DC and also don't miss the fabulous milkshakes at Burger Tap Shake. Paddle boating along the potomac river makes the trip even more scenic!

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  7. Would you consider posting a recipe for the sweet potato cake?! I love anything sweet potato (blame it on being from the state that grows the most!) and that sounds so good!!

    xo, Taylor | Positively Taylor

  8. What a fun few weeks! I love going to minor league games now. They are the perfect thing to do during a summer night. Jess at Just Jess

  9. I love your Step into my Week posts- so fun seeing what fun things you've been up to lately! Looks like you're having an awesome summer!



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