Friday, July 29, 2016

Recruitment Outfit Inspiration

After sharing my experience and recruitment tips with y'all earlier this week so many of y'all seemed interested in a little bit of inspiration when it comes to outfits for sorority recruitment. After scrolling through countless sites inventory of dresses to save you from the chore of online shopping (ha) I've found a number of pieces that would be perfect for the occasion! Since each school goes through recruitment in a little bit of a different sequence I decided to only include outfit inspiration for the third round (at Furman that's called sisterhood) and preference tear. That's not to say however, that these pieces couldn't be worn on other days depending on how open house and philanthropy rounds work at your specific school! 

I also did something a bit different than usual for this post and you can shop these pieces by directly clicking on them in the image (woohoo). Hopefully this makes looking into purchasing these pieces a bit easier for y'all but if it doesn't work I've included where to purchase the pieces beneath the photo as per usual. I had so much fun making this for y'all since I've never had to prepare outfits for recruitment during the late summer. Because Furman has delayed recruitment I was shopping for pieces that would look cute but still keep me warm come recruitment in January. 

So now for what you came for… my outfit inspiration for third round and pref!

Now for some options perfect for preference tea:

striped // bow dress // drop waist ruffle dress // black ruffle OTS
hydrangea blue lace // layered peach // pink and navy shift // pale pink
blush & black // ruffle bell sleeved dress // white lace // pink bow open sleeves
pink collar cut out // black OTS // sea foam flowy // blue high neck

As promised at the end of my tip and experience post I am answering some of y'alls questions about sorority recruitment that came after uploading that. Here are my answers to the questions I received:

Q: What is your best piece of advice for PNMs (potential new members)?
After going though 10 different pieces in my advice post it's hard to pick a "best" from those since I feel like they are all relevant. If I had to choose one most important I think it would have to be to be yourself. Recruitment definitely isn't the time to pretend to be someone your not and that's something I would recommend keeping in mind throughout the process. With being yourself that involves trusting your gut and thinking about where you feel most comfortable.

Q: What is the best way to stand out in a good way?
The best way to stand out in a good way would probably be to be super engaged with the people you are talking too. There will be a lot going on around you and it can be easy to get distracted but staying engaged with the girl you're talking to and asking questions based on things she is telling you will better develop y'alls connection in a short amount of time helping you to better stand out in her mind when thinking about all the girls she has conversed with on a given day. 

Q: I'm super worried about not receiving a bid at all. Should I be worried?
I feel like this is a common fear that many people have although in reality I don't think it is THAT common of a thing. I know at Furman we have a great rate of pairing girls with sororities and it's pretty uncommon although I can't speak for all schools. I would recommend not to worry about this since it isn't that likely and as long as you try to keep an open mind and a positive attitude you'll be more likely to see yourself being happy in a wide range of sororities making you more likely to continue through the process and receive a bid. 

Q: Were you nervous during recruitment?
I was only really nervous the night before the first day and on bid day. The nerves at both times were definitely a mixture of being anxious but also very excited. It's normal to have some nerves but once I got into it I realized that it was mainly just meeting new people and being conversational so the nerves subsided some! 

Q: Should I only wear preppy stuff? 
Not necessarily. More important than dressing preppy would for you to wear clothes you feel comfortable in. If you're super comfortable in preppy clothes then by all means wear them but if that isn't your style don't feel the need to re-evaluate your wardrobe to be that way. While sororities are often portrayed as super girly, preppy, and colorful that's not necessarily the case. Additionally, the sorority women you talk to during recruitment shouldn't be judging you based on what you're wearing so don't stress about it too much! 

Q: Do you think it is a good or bad idea to like sororities social media posts? Do they even notice? does it make you stand out, or does it make you look desperate?
This is an interesting question especially for me considering when I served as Vice President of Public Relations I ran our sororities social media. In all honesty it doesn't really make a difference. It is likely that the person running the account is spending more time looking at who is liking her personal instagram account than what is happening on the sororities account. Feel free to follow them and like photos as they arise but I wouldn't recommend going through and liking every post they've made since the creation of their account since that seems a little over eager. It's also important to remember the person running the sororities social media accounts probably has the exact same amount of pull as everyone else so you liking all of the social media isn't going to give you an advantage. So feel free to scroll through the chapters accounts but don't go through and follow all of the girls tagged since those are their personal accounts. Also just to note, at Furman as women already in the sorority we aren't allowed to follow or friend PNMs on social media although they are allowed to follow us just so that we aren't basing our opinions on what they are posting on social media but instead our conversations and interactions before and during recruitment.

I'd love to know which of these dresses you'd most want to have in your closet whether you're going through recruitment or not! 


  1. Cute post! I love the palm printed dress!

  2. Cute post! I love the palm printed dress!

  3. I rush this fall and have been loving your sorority posts and help with rush!!

  4. These dresses are so cute and I also love that you answered the question of if anyone doesn't receive a bid because that's something that's never clearly answered in sorority recruitment posts! Thanks girl!


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