Monday, July 4, 2016

Travel Essentials

Happy Fourth of July y'all! I hope you're enjoying the day in the same way I have been by soaking up sun all weekend long and spending plenty of time with family and friends. In case you missed my little announcement last week (hidden in this post) I am heading to D.C. on Wednesday to visit my brother who is interning for a law firm in the city this summer. I am super excited since I haven't seen him since Christmas and I haven't been to D.C. since my class trip there in eighth grade. If y'all have any suggestions of things I should do while there I would LOVE to hear them. I already have a few museums that are high on the list but would love your input.

In the meantime I am sharing some of my travel essentials with y'all. I really love to travel but definitely can't claim to be the worlds best packer (I definitely fall into the category of over packer) so I am hoping by posting this I will be held accountable to only take the necessities (or at list limit my options).  I am going to be doing a fun video including what I packed but for now we are focusing on the essentials. For me, those are toiletries, a good travel outfit, and a well packed purse and plane carry on.

I think one of my favorite part about traveling by plane is walking down the travel sized aisle at Target because I have an obsession with all things mini and also have a tendency to claim things like mini deodorants or face washes to be "cute." Since I'll be staying in the house my brother and his roommates are renting for the summer I figured they may not have the best selection when it comes to shampoo and conditioner and I can't rely on there being a stockpile since it's not a hotel. Below you'll be able to see some of the travel sized toiletries I am taking with me (obviously these aren't all of my toiletries but these are a few I grabbed specifically for the trip). Another great part about travel sized toiletry is it gives you the perfect opportunity to test out a variety of products without having to commit to a full size bottle with the fear of not liking it. I was pretty thrilled to find a mini dry shampoo (anyone else have a hard time finding those?) and love the other batiste dry shampoos I've tried so hopefully this one will be no different.

As for airport outfits I don't really have a go-to since when I do travel it's not necessarily during a consistent season. My flight leaves pretty early in the morning allowing me to get into the city at a decent time which encourages me to wear something other than workout clothes since I'll want to drop off my stuff and then stretch my legs by exploring a bit. Comfort is key when traveling though so I tried to opt for items I would wear later on in the trip but would also be comfortable sitting on a plane and meandering through the Atlanta airport before actually arriving in D.C. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing what to wear on the plane is that your suitcase will be lighter if you wear your heavier items. Since it isn't winter I don't have to worry about bundling up and summer clothes are pretty light but I am opting to wear the tennis shoes I am bringing on the trip (I considered my converse but they really need a trip to our washing machine because they were originally white but aren't looking so white currently) along with comfy jean shorts and a casual white tee. I also brought a lightweight long sleeve top to tie around my waist or stuff in my carry on bag in case I get cold on the plane or in the airport.

gingham new balances // white tee // boyfriend jean shorts (on sale for $12!!) // grey asymmetrical hem long sleeve top

As for a purse and carry on bag these took a bit longer to pack. I like reasoning through what I plan to pack before committing to a single purse as I want to make sure it matches but I also want it to be secure and large enough to fit the necessities. I decided to pack up my trusty grey Gigi New York bucket bag that I carried all around Paris and London as my purse for this trip. The major selling points for it: 1. grey looks good with black and brown 2. it's large enough to fit my nice camera 3. it's large enough to fit a water bottle and my camera. For my carry on tote I opted for a recent *wonderful* purchase! My madewell transport tote is the perfect size for my laptop & charger, planner & notebook (I hope to not have too much blog work to do on the trip but the airport and plane are great places to get stuff done), phone chargers, and a few other necessities for the trip. It's also nice that it could double as a purse if I decided I wanted something a little bit bigger one day while exploring.

I'd love to know what some of your travel essentials are! This post is a little different than some that I have done and I really love the way it turned out and would love to know your take on it! 


  1. My older brother went to Georgetown and my family always used to visit him so I have some food recommendations for you! Thunder Burger and Bar has the BEST brunch! My family always goes there when we visit the so good. Also, you may have heard about Georgetown Cupcakes (they had the TLC Show) but Baked and Wired Bakery is one of the trendiest bakeries in D.C. The cupcakes are massive and to die for! The Waterfront is also an amazing part of the city. With bars, restaurants, and an amazing view, it is perfect for photo ops and some delicious meals! Hope this helps xo

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