Friday, July 8, 2016

More Room Re-do Inspiration

I shared that I was re-doing my room with y'all at the beginning of the summer and wish I had more progress to share. It's been a slow process since I want to make sure I am purchasing pieces that fit my style and can be used for years to come. I purchased a rug, bedding, desk chair, euro shams, and some pieces for my bathroom but still have a lot of empty wall space and corners to be filled. 

Since there is a lot of blue and white in my room (it's my favorite if you can't tell) I am thinking of adding a pop of color in the room by incorporating brighter artwork and a colorful chair. The furniture in my room is an antique brown and I am trying to make it a bit more modern by adding a touch of acrylic. I already did that by using a ghost chair for my desk and think that these acrylic nesting tables would add some modern flair in the corner next to the charm. At under $130 for three tables this is the perfect find for those of you moving into a place of your own as well.  In that corner some sort of tall lamp would also be ideal with a gallery wall (see my inspiration here) to add more color! 

Above my desk I am lusting after this colorful London print but I'm not sure what to put in the corner by it. Originally I thought I would put a leaning mirror but now I'm thinking a bookshelf of some sort might be more practical (I love this one).

To finish off my bed I am hoping to add two monogrammed throw pillows from the cutest new dorm brand, Room 422 (more on them later!), and a light blue lumbar pillow to tie my all of my bed together.  I also really like their dalmatian spot printed blankets and think those would add more color at the end of my bed and thrown over my desk chair. 

As for my bathroom… I've added this adorable tassel shower curtain that I am planing to get monogrammed but I'm not sure what color I should get. The countertops in my bathroom are hot pink and we aren't planning to change those any time soon so I don't know if sticking to navy would be the smartest bet or if I should tie is all together by getting some sort of navy and pink monogram, your thoughts would be appreciated. I ordered this runner to serve as a bath mat and am excited to see how it fits into the space and am contemplating these hand towels. 

So many decisions left to be made but I am going to attempt to have it mostly done by the time I head back to school so that I can share it with y'all and won't feel like I have a to-do list of home improvement tasks to do on breaks and vacation. Have any cute pieces you'd think I would like? Leave them in the comments or send them my way on social media! I'd love to know what y'all think! 


  1. I'm currently in the process of re-doing my room as well! Everything is so cute! I'm doing a pink and green scheme but love the blue and white!
    -Angela & Amy

  2. I love your room inspiration! I am changing furniture in my room soon which makes me want to go to Homegoods everyday. Jess at Just Jess

  3. I'm also in the process of redoing my room! I love the addition of the colorful chair!
    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson


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