Monday, February 2, 2015

Off Campus Studying, Why I Love It

This week is the first week back at school, for me personally, that is test filled and the same is true for many other Furman students. Today I have two presentations, tomorrow a test, and even another test on Wednesday. When it comes to heavy weeks like this I have no problem hunkering down for a day (even if it is the weekend) to study and that acceptance to do so is even more willing if coffee is involved.

I posted the photo below to instagram (@prepinyourstep) and joked in my caption that I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in quaint coffee shop studying. The library is great and all but sometimes it can be more of a social space than a study area. With that said, this makes procrastination easy since you would much rather catch up with friends or take a "social lap" as we like to call them. I am lucky enough to be pretty driven and motivated and not give in to the temptation of socializing when it's crunch time but sometimes I'd rather go elsewhere. Last semester I discovered my love of off campus studying and because of that I've discovered loads of fun coffee shops with a great atmosphere and even better treats. If going to study means a delicious cup of coffee in a peaceful and not so social environment I am there.

Clearly I am a huge fan of off campus studying and I have my reasons…

Being somewhere other than at school when studying reminds you that tests and projects aren't the only thing going on in the world. Seeing people who aren't college aged and aren't my professors is the perfect reminder to de-stress a bit because as long as I do my very best on a test life still goes on outside of school.

When I am in a new place I tend to be more productive. While I have my tried and true cubicles and tables in the library sometimes when in there I can't force myself to fully focus. While this usually isn't the case, on occasion I will avoid sitting in a certain place within the library because I may not have been that productive there the last time I was studying.

Fewer Distractions. Friends are great and all but being in place where I don't necessarily know anyone can be a great thing when studying. No one is going to come up and interrupt your concentration because the people don't know you to begin with. 

The atmosphere. Sometimes libraries just seem so stressful. Second hand stress is definitely a thing however, the atmosphere at places I tend to study off campus is much more relaxed and peaceful. 

The Food. Ok we all know I would be lying if I said coffee and pastries don't encourage me to get off campus. Coffee helps me concentrate and coffee shops always know how to make it best. Really want a muffin or scone? I am not against bargaining with myself to reach a certain part of my assignment and then rewarding myself!

Where are y'alls favorite places to study?


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